Why "somewhat" sane?

Here's why.

Girl 1: "Oldest"-  She is sweet and shy and so helpful...to everyone but me.  She loves to boss her sisters around and, at the moment, LOVES Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez (please, NO MORE Taylor Swift) and anything sparkly, sequined, or bedazzled.  The oldest is 7 going on 27.

Girl 2: "Middle"-  This one is a piece of work.  She is HILARIOUS and does not let the oldest boss her around at all.  The middle is almost 4 but sometimes has the vocabulary of a 40 year old.  She makes us laugh (and tries our patience) everyday.

Girl 3:  "Youngest"-  She is the baby.  At a year and a half, she has the hearts of her sisters, although as of late she is really cramping their style.  She enjoys coloring on walls, eating snacks, and dancing.  Most of the time, she is a sweetheart.  Most of the time.

Husband-  I won't call him "hubby" because, really, I think the slang term should be "husby".  So that's that.  He is a special education teacher and also dabbles in a side job of being a travel agent.  He LOVES booking and planning trips for people.  Then we look at the pictures of different destinations and dream...maybe someday we will get there.

Everyone always says, "God help your husband with those 3 girls".

Well guess what?  GOD HELP ME.  I know I have my work cut out for me.  But I wouldn't have it any other way.


  1. God help you is right! Do people ever give you the "Oh, do you wish you had a boy? For your husband?" I get that all the time since I have only boys. "Awww, you must be so disappointed that you don't have any girls." Um, actually, I'm too busy cleaning up after these bastards to consider what my life would be like had one of them not been born with a penis.

    1. Oh Bethany, we get that ALL THE TIME. So are you going to "try" for a boy? No, we are not. And we never did. We tried for a BABY! And the husband being disappointed? He never was. If I am being honest, I was more upset than he was when I knew we were done at #3 and there would be no boys in our future. But I truly wouldn't change a thing! And you are right...I have absolutely NO TIME to think about it!

  2. I heard a comedian years ago that told a lot of funny stories about his wife and three daughters. This is my favorite line from his standup routine. He said his daughters were all getting older and now all three were in their teens. So he walked around his house with a calendar and a stun gun. Gotta laugh!
    I had 4 sisters and 4 brothers - 1 girl, then 4 boys, then 4 girls. I tell people that I am the well adjusted seventh child.


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