Friday, August 31, 2012

Wait...YOU are embarassed by MY hair?

What's the title have to do with this post?  I will get to that soon.

Let's face it.  Most kids are awkward and not so cute during those tween years.  If you are 12 and still super cute, then you are one of the lucky ones.  Seriously.

What happens around these tween years is that kids start to lose their baby face.  They have lost their baby teeth.  BIG OLD ADULT chompers come in and look way to large for their still smallish head/body.  It's plain awkward...and we all know it.

Then it's time for braces.  And nowadays, it seems like almost every kid gets braces.  I had them.  For 4 years...4 looooonnnnng years.

Tweens also have very little clue about styling products or proper makeup application.
It's a big mess.

I can prove it.

ME...when I was in 8th grade.

So now I will tell you what the title of this post is referring to.

When I was in 6th or 7th grade, not sure which one, I went to a Science Fair at my school with my mom.  She had a fresh perm.  It was the very early 90s.  I said to her (yes, this is true...sweet, innocent me),  "I don't want you to walk around with me with your hair looking like that."  No, I didn't just lie and say that the perm looked fine or just keep it to myself.  I actually told her that I didn't want to be seen with her.

I don't remember what her response was but she probably just ignored me.  Now look back at the picture of me. 

She ignored my comment. 

I don't think I could have ignored that.  I hope so...but I am not sure.  Looking at my unattractive 13 year old self, I could think of about a dozen comments that I would have said to myself.

Wait, you are embarrassed by my hair?  Ummmm.  That makes sense.

And really, did you run out of the Vidal Sassoon?  What is going on with those curls/frizz?

P.S. The Flex shampoo and conditioner is not working for your hair type. 

Oh, and the teeth.  Good luck with them.

How about I stop paying for your braces, Snaggletooth.

And you know all those cardigan sweater sets/turtlenecks you like?  How about I stop buying them too?

Honestly, how rude was I?

But it's all good.  Karma is a bitch.  I have been blessed with three daughters that tell me stuff like this all the time.  So far, I have been told that my clothes are not fancy enough and that I look like a man (my 4 year old just came up with that gem the other day).  And I have been able to keep my cool.  Problem is, they are still young and cute.

Please God, give me the strength to bite my tongue during those tween years. 

Or give me the money to pay for the therapy bills. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wide Feet and a High Instep Be Damned, I'm Gonna Run.

I want to run. 

I want to put on my new sneakers (to be discussed later) and walk out my front door...and RUN.  Run and not look back.

No, I kid.  But I really do want to run.  I started running again over a year ago.  It relieves stress (and God knows I need to relieve stress).  It also helped me lose some weight, with the help of my nemesis Weight Watchers. 

But my running partner and super successful sister-in-law left me and went to work in the Netherlands for a year long project.  She left me.  I promised myself that would keep it up.  I lied to myself. 

Well, i didn't necessarily lie.  At the time, I had the best intentions.  And I kept it up a bit, but not enough.  So here I am...and big FAT liar, I'll just say it.  I'm starting over.

I went yesterday and got some new sneakers.  I have always bought decent running shoes, but never actually got fitted for a pair to see what would work best.  That's what I did yesterday.  And these new shoes are WONDERFUL.  Well, they felt wonderful walking around the store.  Let's see how they feel tomorrow when I hit the track.  They better be fanfreakintastic because they cost a little bit of cash.

It's funny going to get fitted for a sneaker.  They take it very seriously there.  And they took me very seriously.  Which was equally as humorous.  I mean SERIOUSLY.  Was the guy looking at me?  I clearly don't run marathons.  No, I don't use my sneakers for weight training.  No, I'm not a big trail runner.  I just go run the track near my house because it is close and efficient and I can be done my workout in 40 minutes.  Done. 

After fitting me for 3 pairs and trying to convince me that I needed $44 inserts for my "high instep", I decided on the least expensive pair, which was honestly and truthfully the most comfortable.

I also discovered that I need a "wide" sneaker.  What the...?  Never in my life have I worn a wide.  I have smallish feet.  I wear a 7 1/2.  But now I guess they are wide.  Damn kids.  They make everything wider.

So, here I am with my new sneaks.  I am ready. 

New Balance 880v2, White with Blue
My new sneakers:)
Image courtesy of

I want to be held accountable.  If you read this, I want you to berate me and tell me to get my lazy ass up and run in the morning.  Check in.  Ask me how I am doing and tell me to cut it out if I make lame excuses.  Tell me I need to lose 30 pounds.  Really, tell me. 

No, don't tell me because I might get mad and say mean things about you.  I don't want to have to do that. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Bye, Bye Baby

My kids are no longer babies. 

The youngest is almost 19 months and she is so independent that even if I try to "baby" her a bit, it doesn't pan out.  The middle will be 4 next week.  She doesn't even need help in the bathroom anymore, for god's sake.  The oldest will be starting second grade in a week and a half. SECOND GRADE! Really?

There was a time a few months ago, when I posted about how newborns rip my heart out with their cuteness and make me have moments of temporary insanity when I could imagine having another little bundle of joy.

Well, that time has passed.  My sister in law and brother in law had a baby last week while we were on vacation (he was 5 weeks early, that little bugger!).  Normally, this would give me a serious case of baby fever.  Not this time.  Although, I can't wait to see him and get my hands on that little guy, I can pretty much with 100% certainty tell you that I will be fine with it.  I will be fine handing him back over and heading home to my 3 "not babies".

Why the sudden change?  Well, it wasn't so sudden.  It has been happening gradually. 

First, I am ready to go back to teaching.  One more year of the home daycare should do it for me.  I have no real need for pack and plays, bouncy seats, highchairs, or exersaucers.  Yet because of the daycare, I still have them.  I don't need to make bottles or clean bottles anymore.  Yet because of the daycare, I still do it.  It's fine though.  It's been a great way to work from home and be with my kids.  But next year, my middle will be entering Kindergarten.  There is no need for me to continue this (at least, financially) after that point.  I can get rid of all my baby crap!!! YAY!  And I won't be sad at all.  I know this much is true.

Secondly,  as I mentioned, we were on vacation last week (post on that coming soon).  As much fun as it was and as much as the kids LOVED Disney World, it was exhausting.  Traveling with a 19 month old is not that easy.  It really made me realize how many opportunities we will have as the kids get older.  More flexibility...more vacation options. 

Finally, I want to get myself back a bit.  I have been plugging away at it over the past year.  But I need to get serious (another post about that coming soon).  I need, and want, more time to exercise.  I want more time to get myself ready when we go out.  I want to skip the ponytail and actually do something with my hair (and I do, on occasion).  With young kids, it's always rush, rush, rush.  Get them ALL ready then have about 10 minutes for yourself.  I can't wait until they get themselves ready...and look presentable to boot.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not rushing it.  I know that time flies.  I know this.  I try to cherish all of the time that I have with my kids while they are little.  I try.

Isn't it something that all moms (or parents, for that matter) face?  You want your kids to stay babies but  you want them to grow older at the same time?  You long for a little independence, but you don't want to wish the time away?  That's were I am right now.  Sometimes, I want to freeze time.  Right now.  Sometimes I want to hit the fast forward button...just a few years.  Not much,  but move ahead to a time of no diapers, no naps, no crankiness from the no nap, no strollers.  You see what I am saying here?  It's HARD having young children.  It fun and exciting and exhausting and hard.

So, the time has come.  Now, I can say this and mean it.  I am ready to say bye, bye baby. 

And I really look forward to what the future holds for my girls as they grow.  And what the future holds for all of us:)

Friday, August 3, 2012

Are you kidding me?! Murphy's Law: Parents Edition

You all know Murphy's Law.  Anything that can go wrong, does.

This happens quite frequently when you are dealing with children.  Here are some examples:

1.  When you are running late, a child will generally crap themselves or have to use the bathroom.

2.  When they are wearing nice clothes, a child will get EXTREMELY dirty.  I mean, the kind of dirty when you question what the stains are even from and if they will ever come out.

3.  When YOU are wearing nice clothes, a child will put their grubby, sticky, dirty little hands all over you.

4.  If you have vacation plans, a child will usually get sick before or during the vacation.

5.  As soon as you sit down to relax (if that EVER, in fact, miraculously happens), a child will need to for something veeerrrrrryyyy important.  It will turn out that what they need is not important at all, but it's enough to crush your hopes for relaxation.

6.  When you are extra tired, the kids will wake up EXTRA early.

7.  When you really NEED them to nap, they won't.

8.  After washing and drying a whole load of clothes, you will find the gum sneakily hidden in your kid's pocket.

9.  Your child will wet the bed or have an accident the very.same.night that you put clean sheets on their bed.

10.  As soon as you begin talking on the phone (whether it's to a friend, family member, doctor, credit card collections department, or the damn president of the United States), your child will act out or need you for another so-called "emergency".

11.  When you have chocolate milk, the child will want strawberry milk.  When you have strawberry milk, they will demand request chocolate.  When you get more chocolate milk, only apple juice will do. 

12.  When you forget a change of clothes, your child will most definitely need them.

13.  If you clean the house, the kids will make it their ultimate goal to make it even messier than it was before you cleaned.

14.  If you get new carpet or furniture, the kids will spill something.

15.  As soon as you say "Be careful", a child will fall and get hurt.