Sunday, April 29, 2012

Even though it's Sunday night, I am THANKFUL

A few days ago, one of my favorite ladies You Know It Happens at Your House Too wrote a post about being thankful.  She challenged us to find 10 things that we are thankful for and write them down. 

I loved this challenge because one thing that I am good at doing is complaining.  I can't help it.  I complain about stuff like the messy house or the kids misbehaving and I hate that I do it.  There are so many things that I have to be thankful for and I need to zip it and stop bitching and moaning about unimportant crap. 

So 10 you go

1.  When it is all said and done, at the end of the day, I am thankful that we all have our health.  My girls are beautiful, funny, caring, and HEALTHY children.  My husband and I are healthy.  Our families are healthy. That is all that matters.  Truly. 

2.  Although sometimes I complain, and most times I am exhausted, I am thankful that my husband and I are both working.  I took a risk when I resigned from my tenured teaching job to start a home daycare so I could be at home with my children while working...and so far, so good.  I will be ready to return to teaching in a few years, but this time spent with my children has been priceless.

3.  I know many people who don't live near their families.  Well, that is not the case with me.  I was born and raised in Delaware.  We live close to all of our family and friends (many of which I have had for decades).  I am really thankful for that.  There is a comfort in knowing that I could call my mom or mother in law and if we needed them, they could be here in a flash (which was VERY helpful when my water broke at 4 am with my 3rd daughter...and I was scheduled for my 3rd c-section that very day, but at 1:30 pm.  My mother in law was here in under 10 minutes.)

4.  I am so thankful that I can drink coffee...a lot of coffee.  It seems like I drank exponentially more coffee following the birth of each of the girls.  Coincidence? I think not.

5.  Reality television is my guilty pleasure..and for that, I am thankful.  I LOVE all the housewives from Bravo.  And I am reeealllllly thankful that the New Jersey season has just started again. 

6.  To keep with the reality television theme...I am thankful that my 6 year old likes to watch American Idol.  We DVR it (because she is already asleep when it comes on...or should I say, she is in bed calling me incessantly when it comes on)  and we watch it after school sometimes.  I like that it is something that we can watch together and really talk about and enjoy.

7.  Even though I want to quit my expensive, terrible habit...I just can't.  That habit is Target.  And I am so thankful for this store!  I can go get baby wipes, food, cleaning products, a pair of sandals, and a cute shirt all in ONE PLACE.  Jackpot.

8.  Sometimes I don't feel like talking on the phone, but I have to tell someone something or ask them a question.  At those times, I am very thankful for text messaging.  It's just so quick and easy.  No need to make pointless small talk.  BAM!  You can get right to it.  "What do you want for dinner?"  "Are you watching Modern family? LMAO!"  "WE need more wine."

9.  Warm weather is right around the corner.  We have had a taste of it here and there...but soon enough, it will be warm and it will stay that way for awhile.  After dealing with all the illnesses this winter, I am welcoming the spring with open arms.  And before we know it, it will be summer.  Even better!

10.  My last thing is not really ONE thing.  It's actually all the little things.  Yes, sometimes money is tight, the kids are fighting or not feeling well, things go wrong.  But in the great scheme of life, it is all just fine.  We have a roof over our heads, food on our table, cars to drive, jobs, our kids want for nothing...all the little things (that really are big things when you thing about it).  I am so thankful for all the little things, especially those 3 little things that I just put to bed:)

So there you have it. 

I am sure all of you could sit down and make a list of at least 10 things for which you are thankful.  Go ahead and do it...and share it if you want! I would love to hear:)

Friday, April 27, 2012

Having a kid is not like having a pet.

Let me start by saying that I love animals.  People that know me know this.  I have a cat that I have had for 13 years.  I got her in college and took care of her even when she was no longer a cute little kitten and my roommate grew tired with her.  If I was going to be gone for a few days, I had to harass my roommate to feed her.  I put post it notes all over the apartment with annoying little reminders.  I was convinced that I would return to find an emaciated cat or a carcass laying near an unopened bag of cat food.

Then before I had children, my husband and I got a dog.  I use to drive a cute little Volkswagen.  I traded it in for an SUV mainly so my 130 lb dog could fit in the back.  I use to surf the Petfinder website just to look at poor unwanted dogs and cry because I wanted to adopt each and every one.  If an animal dies in a movie, I just can't bear it.  And I still can't watch an ASPCA commercial (with that damn tearjerking music) without getting choked up. 

I agree that pets are a great deal of work.  House training them is a bitch.  They are expensive.  My dog costs $85 to get groomed.  Therefore, she is usually living it up at the groomer every 3 to 4 months while I swing into the local drugstore and grab a $5 box of hair color and call it a day.  Don't even get me started on the vet bills.  My vet takes a holistic approach which translates into even higher vet bills for god knows what.  Is it necessary to send a sample of my 9 year old dog's blood from Delaware to the University of Colorado to test if she already has antibodies to certain illnesses?  Can't we can vaccinate and be done with it? I guess not.

I also agree that a pet can be like a member of the family.  We have had our dog for over 9 years.  She has been here through the addition of all 3 children.  Each time we brought one of the girls home from the hospital over the years, I swear the dog would look at me as if to say, "Are you freakin' kidding me with this?"  I promised her that we were done.  The cat, on the other had, could care less.  She just knows that she has to be more skillful in finding a quiet place to sleep.  But I do believe that pets are a part of the family, and losing one of them can be devastating.

Here's my dog. Sometimes I think she hates us.

But with all of that being said, I just have to say that having a pet is in no way like having a child.  Here are some reasons why that should be glaringly obvious...

You can't come home from work, let your child out of the crate to go to the bathroom outside just so you can put them right back in their crate and head to happy hour. 

You can't hire a person to stop by your house a few times a day while you are out to take your kids for a walk.  Although if I could, I really would consider it.

You can't put you children in a kennel when the mood strikes to take a little vacation.

Putting a bowl of water on the floor for your child to drink out of is not considered acceptable.  But now that I think about it, my 1 yr old is quite fond of trying to drink out of the cat's or dog's water bowl...

When your children wake you up early, that's it, you are up.  You can't just let them out to pee in the grass and then head back to bed for a few more hours of shut eye. 

A 20 lb bag of dry food per week for a child probably won't cut it. 

Your child, even if they are extremely small in stature, can't be trained to go to the bathroom on newspaper on your kitchen floor.

Your child doesn't (or shouldn't) stand at the back door and bark when they want to come in...or bark when they want to go out, or bark when someone knocks at the door.

SO there are some of my reasons behind why I think that having a child is not like having a pet.  It's nothing's just that kids are humans, and pets are...well, animals.  Not quite the same.

Do you agree???  I would love to hear.  And I hope all my animal lovers don't get upset...please, I am one of you.  I love my pets.  I just love my kids more.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Confessions from Camp

Last night, I went camping with my 6 year old and her Girl Scout troop.  It was my first camping experience with her and it was actually rather enjoyable.  My daughter LOVED it and, hey, isn't that all that matters?

I am going to be completely honest here.  Please don't judge. 

So we went camping at a nature center.  We were in a "lodge" for the night.  Not real, true roughing it out in the woods in tents and using outhouses.  But these girls are 6 and 7 years old.  No need for the real thing quite yet.  Baby steps.

Since the nature center was a State Park, we had to follow some "rules".  I'll just come out and say it.  No alcohol was allowed.

Here is what I expected:

We would be in a "lodge", sitting by a nice fire on comfy couches.  The kids would be so tired from our hike and bonfire that they would pass out by 9:30.  Then all the moms would stay up late and talk.  Everyone would have a "secret stash" of liquor in their bags (because even though we were not supposed to bring alcohol, hey, we are all adults and can handle a little drinky to relax at the end of a long night.)

This is what I imagined. Not quite the reality.

Here is what happened:

We sat in a common room on folding metal chairs.  There was a fire.  The room did have a wilderness lodge feel.  There were moose, elk, and wild boar (to name a few) heads on the wall. 
Apparently, the other moms were rule followers.  Just a few of us were up later than then the girls.  Only my sister-in-law and one other mom mentioned wanting a drink.  And wasn't I glad I could help?  Oh yes, I brought cans of Diet Coke and a water bottle filled with vanilla rum.  So the three of us went into the kitchen and secretly had a drink like we were teenagers sneaking into our parents' stash then refilling the used liquor bottles with water.
I should also note that my sister-in-law brought diet root beer and whipped cream vodka.  Oh, and I had 2 boxes of Pinot Grigio in my bookbag.  Have you seen those cute little boxes that hold 3 glasses of wine?  Yep, I had 2 of them.  I didn't drink them though.  Mainly because I forgot my coffee thermos and didn't know how else to drink it without being caught.

Here are my thoughts for the future:

I would LOVE to go camping again.  And I will bring booze again.  That's about it.

Friday, April 20, 2012

It's a Blog Eat Blog World

I have been blogging for about 10 months.  That's it.  But it feels like I have been doing it longer.  Probably because of all the time I put into it.  I have never put so much time into something that I enjoyed doing, just for the hell of it, for free.  YES. FREE.  I haven't made a penny. Not a damn penny.  It's fine, really it is. 

But honestly, how do bloggers make money? I know HOW.  I just don't know how.  It seems freakin' impossible.  Yet, some bloggers do it.  And they are damn good at it.  They get companies to pay them for advertising.  They write and get PAID for it on sites like or

So if I being am 100% honest, I would like the following to happen....and for it to happen ASAP...

1.  I would like to make some extra moolah from my little Google Adsense account on my blog.  But they put shitty ITT Tech ads on my blog, so that's not likely.

2.  I want free crap.  I want people/companies to start sending me fabulous, wonderful FREE samples of shit to try out.  I would love that.  If I like it, I would write about it.  If not, I won't say a word.  No trash talking here.

3.  I want something I write to be published somewhere.  Just for the hell of it.  So I can say ONCE a post of mine got published by the most fabulous mom website there has ever been and moms everywhere read it and LOVED it.  Then Rachel Ray contacted me to do a little mom/fun cooking segment on her show.  Then Ellen's people came calling.  Then....okay, maybe I'm getting a little carried away. 

So I kinda sorta know HOW it works.  And I have contacted/put my info in with/subscribed to other parenting websites.  So maybe I will hear something, someday...if I ever write anything good enough.  But for now I just write what I feel like writing. 

And I know I need a little PR page so people know I will be more than happy to accept free shit to review.  But I am not sure how to go about it and be legit.  As it turns out, I guess I am not really into trying to figure it out either.  Basically, I just want to rant about it here.

So I will continue to blog, and update my site, and post stuff on my facebook page, and read other blogs, and share what I feel like sharing...all for FREE.  And I will enjoy it.  I will enjoy it, dammit!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Being a Mom Means...

I read this article last year about the meaning of being a mom.  You can check it out here.

Also, just for shits and giggles, you can check out the meaning of the word mother on sites like or
You will come up with all sorts of responses. also gives you great tips on how to avoid being a moody mother, or a tired mother, or how to be a working mother, or a stay at home mother.  Damn, when I am moody I should just google "how to NOT be a moody mother?" Problem solved.  Who knew it was that easy.

Anywho, it got me thinking about what is really means to be a mother...all the great, wonderful, mushy stuff along with all the not so fun stuff.

Here is a list I began compiling, in no particular order.  And I say began, because this list is obviously not exhaustive.  Everyone has different things that they would have on their own list.  I encourage you to share some of your "meanings" in the comments section so I can add them to the list!

Being a mom means....
  • you will NEVER stop worrying.  From the second that you get a positive pregnancy test until the day that you die, there will always be something to worry about.
  • you will not sleep in, truly sleep in, for a solid 2 decades.  And by the time you are able to sleep in, you probably won't even want to.
  • you will contradict everything that you said about the type of parent you would be before you had children.
  • you will honestly do ANYTHING IN YOUR POWER, to keep your kids safe.  Anything.
  • your pets will get on your nerves (sorry, I LOVE my pets, but it's really annoying when kids are whining and the dog is following me around or barking at the back door).
  • you will spend more money on your childrens' clothes they you ever would on yourself.  New wardrobes every season? Those little buggers grow too freakin' fast!  Meanwhile, you will wear the same shirt bought back in 2002...for $ Target.
  • you will be the annoying person that wants to show everyone pics of their children.  You just will.  Even if you can't stand being subjected to other peoples' 80+ kindergarten graduation pictures on facebook, you will be so proud of your little munchkin, that you will do it too.  To some degree.
  • you will TRULY understand what multi-tasking means.  You will be able to feed a baby a bottle but holding them in one arm and propping the bottle up with your chin, while talking on the phone, and making pancakes. 
  • you will cry and think that you might just lose your ever-loving mind some days. 
  • you will be so impressed with your parenting skills on other days, and in those "moments of weakness" you may decide that you got it all figured out.
  • you will simultaneously want your children to grow up and stay babies forever.
  • you will give in when you know you shouldn't because you can't possibly handle a tantrum or meltdown at that moment. 
  • you will love these little people that are your children so much, more than your could have ever imagined.  Even when they whine, complain, fight with each other, spill an entire box of cheerios on your kitchen floor, ruin a good 2/3 of your makeup playing dress up, color on the walls, push you away, or scream and cry in the middle of the store.  You will still love them.

So what do you think??? Feel free to help me add to the list.

And if you would be so kind as to click on the Top Mommy Blogs link....right over there somewhere ----------->
One click is a vote for me:)  I don't know what I win.  Actually I am 100% sure I don't win anything.  But a vote would still be appreciated!

Friday, April 13, 2012

The Ultimate Reality Competition Show: Disney vs. Nick Jr

Well, many of you already know about what went down with all the Nick Jr. characters when they attended Ruby's spring party.  If you haven't read it, I would advise you do to so first.  You can do it right HERE ;)

To make up for getting so lit at the party, Dora decided to get a group of her friends together to participate in a "Survivoresque" reality competition show.  The two groups competing would be several of Dora's friends from the Nickelodeon network and a group of Disney faves from various movies and television programs.

Long story short, they began filming with a cast of 16 (8 from each group).  The competition was supposed to last 30 days.  The last man standing from each group would win a cash prize.  They participated in competitions as a whole group and individually to win immunity.

This was the cast.
Team Disney:  Cinderella, Snow White's Stepmother, Nemo, Minnie Mouse, The Beast, Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Woody
Team Nick:  Dora, Diego, Ruby, Pablo, Uniqua, Kai-lan, Franklin, Little Bear

After 6 days, production was shut down and everyone was sent home...empty handed.

Here is why.

As hard as she tried to make it, Dora quit after 24 hours.  She couldn't handle being away from Boots...or Backpack...or her Arbor Mist.

Everyone was pissed because Belle and the Beast were cast.  They were the only couple.  As you might imagine, it was an unfair advantage.  They immediately created an alliance, which included Snow White's Stepmother and Cinderella.

On day 3, Snow White's stepmother happened to stumble upon some apples in the forest.  She offered them to Team Nick, who stupidly ate them.  They all suffered a TERRIBLE case of diarrhea and Little Bear and Ruby had to be hospitalized.

Pablo and Uniqua tried to make a song for every situation.  Although the tunes were catchy, everyone was exhausted and had listened to just about enough.  Minnie, sick and tired of being so sweet all the time, flipped her lid and ended up smacking Uniqua.  She was disqualified and sent home.

Sleeping Beauty did nothing but nap everyday. 

Nemo is a fish.  He can't live out of the water.  Sadly, he did not make it.

Diego won every competition.  His ability to speak to jungle animals proved to be an asset.  Especially when he convinced a puma to take Woody as a play toy.  Woody was found on Day 3 about a mile from camp, slightly mangled, but miraculously he survived.

Franklin and Kai-lan just sat together and whined about missing their friends.  They never had a chance in this competition...and they knew it.

And that about wraps it up.  The producers knew they were going out on a limb with this group and decided it was best to shut it down and pretend it all never happened.  They figured no one would watch the program.

That's too bad.  I know I would have.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Liebster Award

 First, I would like to thank Living Unrefined for nominating me for the Liebster (German for favorite) Award! I am truly honored that she would even think of me.  If you have not checked her out, you should go do it right now.  Wait, not now.  But as soon as you are done reading this, check her out and go visit my other nominees too:)

Living Unrefined is all about...well, exactly what is is called "Living Unrefined", natural and organic.  She shares GREAT recipes and does product reviews.  I personally went out and bought quite a few of the products based on her good reviews.  Basically, if you are into healthy living, you must go check her out.  And tell her I sent you!

How the Liebster Blog Award works:
  1. Thank your Liebster Blog Award presenter on your blog.
  2. Link back to the blogger who presented the award to you.
  3. Copy and paste the blog award on your blog.
  4. Present the Liebster Blog Award to 5 lesser-known blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed & give a little blurb about why you chose each blog.
  5. Let them know they have been chosen by leaving a comment at their blog.
Here are my nominations:

1. Frugalista Blog- I love this blog!!! Her and I share a very similar sense of humor...and if she didn't live on the other side of the country, we would most likely hang out and share a bottle (or bottles) of wine together. 

2.  HouseTalkn- So I may have nominated Kerry before for another award. I can't remember, and frankly my dear, I don't give a damn.  She is HILARIOUS!  Her blog is all about houses and she offers great decorating ideas, house tours, gardening tips, etc. 
Kerry has also challenged other bloggers to a HAWT Blogger Dance Off that will be posted every Monday, through the summer, beginning in May.  Guess what? I am taking her up on the challenge.  Stay tuned!

3.  The Real Housewife of Santee-  The name says it all!  She is so real...and honest and funny.  Christal was one of the first bloggers that actually followed my blog and gave me positive feedback.  I am so grateful for that. 

4.  Red Vines and Red Wine- Okay, so this mom blogger is FABULOUS!!! She is an advocate for children with autism and speaks openly and honestly about raising a son with autism.  I love everything she writes!
Oh, and if you didn't get it from the name of her blog, she likes wine too:)

5.  The Twisting Kaleidoscope- This mom is a wonderful writer.  She just is.  And she shares stories about her life as a mom and a military wife.   I always look forward to reading her posts and if you check her out , you will too.

Of course, I was only supposed to choose 5 other bloggers and that was super hard for me.  I could have chosen dozens! But I tried to stick to the rules.

However, if you ever want to check out my other faves, I will be sharing them often on my facebook page. 

Thanks again to Living Unrefined for the award!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Babies are cute. And so are puppies and kittens.

This post has been in the back of my mind for approximately 13 days.  That was the first day that I held my best friend's baby.  She was less than 24 hours old.  I could have held her for hours.

I came home that night to my baby, who is 14 months old.  She seemed so big to me.  When I came home she was clapping and smiling.  I picked her up, all 24 pounds of her (which was a stark contrast to the little 8 pound bundle that I had just held) and she sat with me for no more than 20 seconds.  Then she squirmed out of my arms and went off to play.

That night I was thinking about how it seemed like I was just sitting in a hospital bed holding my brand new baby.  But that was over a year ago...and then 3 1/2 years before that...and almost 7 years (how is that possible?) before that.  How could the time have gone by so quickly?!

But it has and I am coming to terms with it. 

I told myself that just because babies are so precious and cute, it doesn't mean I need to have a dozen of them.  That's not how it works here. 

Here's how it does work. 
I have basically NO alone time.  Someone always wants something.  Everyone needs attention and I feel both exhausted and guilty that I can't give them enough time.  Our house is OVERFLOWING with toys.  We have just about filled up all the room we have.  My patience is tested everyday.  So is our bank account.

I mean, babies are adorable.  But so are puppies and kittens.  And we sure as hell don't go and get one of them every time the mood strikes.
So we are done.  I am fine with that.  I know that each one of my three girls is a blessing.  I think that it is just a normal emotion that most women feel when they know that their childbearing years are behind them.

So yep, those times of very limited caffeine intake, no alcoholic beverages, and worrying that every little decision I make will harm my unborn child are behind me.

BUT I am just 33....

No, they really are behind me.  I'm done.  Yep, I'm done.  We have enough on our plate with three.  I couldn't possibly handle any more.  Right?  Well maybe......NO, I AM DONE.

See?  This is what goes on in my head every time I hold a newborn baby.  Damn those newborns and all of their cuteness.