Thursday, June 30, 2011

My name is Katie...and I drive a minivan

Yes, I drive a minivan...and I love every second of it. There is always enough room for everyone. I can open the doors with my remote and the kids can get right in.  There is plenty of trunk space for the stroller, groceries, etc. Not to mention the DVD player that keeps them happy and quiet most of the time (I stress the word most of the time).  Overall, I am very happy with our decision and I accept the negative connotation that often comes with it.  I came across some bumper stickers that I would like to share regarding the dreaded minivan.
Here are some of my faves:

I used to be cool.

Because no one daydreams about driving a minivan.

My other car is even worse.

I can't believe I am driving a minivan.

Living the dream.

Condoms prevent minivans.

And even though I think these are humorous and I understand people's distaste for this vehicle, I like to think that they are just jealous...

Definitely a work in progress!

Thank you to everyone who has checked out my new blog! I have had almost 500 hits in the past 3 days. With that being said, it is a major work in progress. Today I tried to put my picture near the top and it ended up being an extreme close up of my face over the entire top half of the page!  I'm still figuring it out and learning new things everyday.
Again, thanks to all of you who have visited and please feel free share the blog with your friends:)

I should be ashamed of myself...

Let me start by saying that if someone falls, my first instinct usually is to laugh. However, my second instinct is to see if they are okay. But for some reason I think it should be the other way around.
One time in college, I witnessed what was probably the most hysterical thing I had seen up to that point in my life (and it still remains in my top 3). A girl was riding her bike down the street when a group of people that I am assuming were her friends rode by in their car and called her name.  She turned to look at them and wave. At that very moment, she got clotheslined by one of those thick wires that are attached to telephone poles and secured into the ground.  She completely flipped off of her bike. Her friends stopped the car immediately and jumped out to check on her. Thank god they did because I would have been useless. I had to continue down the street as quickly as possible so they were not able to see the tears streaming down my face caused by uncontrolled laughter.
So, it was a not much of a surprise today that I could not control my laughter once again at my daughter, Maddy's, swim lesson. She is almost 3 and completely fearless in the pool. However, when we go to her lessons, she has trouble taking orders from her instructor. She loves to swim but it has to be on her own terms. Well, she was screaming at the top of her lungs during the first half of the lesson (after her instructor allowed her to remove her goggles, she was much better...most likely because she felt she was in control of at least something). But for the first 5 to 10 minutes, she was causing quite a scene and trying to get out at every opportunity.  I should have felt bad for her or at least had a pang of guilt due to my motherly instincts.  I did not.
What my daugher didn't realize was that she was floating on her back the length of the pool completely unassisted.  It was the sight of her little body floating on her back, with her arms neatly folded on her stomach, and her face as angry as could be while screaming that had me in hysterics.
On several occasions, I looked around at the parents of other screaming children and they all looked concerned. I was the only one laughing. I even apologized to the instructor and said, "I am so sorry I am laughing like this but she looks so funny floating along and having a tantrum."  Thank god she saw the humor in it too because every time Maddy would scream again, the instructor would look at me and laugh. At the end, she told me that despite all that commotion, she did really well and was basically swimming by herself.
Part of me thinks that I should be ashamed of myself for laughing at my poor daughter's expense...but I think laughing it off makes the kids relax. Or at least that is what I tell myself to feel better about my behavior.

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Good luck if you do decide to brave the movies with your kids, especially if they are under the age of 3...and if that is case, I STRONGLY advise against it :)

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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"Relaxing" with Kids

Those two words can not be used together in the same sentence. Or maybe they can but that sentence would be something along the lines of "This is NOT relaxing with kids" or "how can this be even the least bit relaxing with kids".
Now don't get me wrong, I love to do things with my kids. But I must accept prior to any outing the fact that it will NOT be even remotely relaxing. Even if we are confined to a small space and their is no chance that they could be in harm's way, I can guarantee that they will have about a dozen requests (more like demands) in a one hour time span.  Someone is always thirsty or hungry, someone is always crying or whining, or one is always arguing with the other.
Some of the things that would normally be leisurely activities quickly turn into chaotic situations. Would you like some examples?
Here you go.
1.  Reading- The other day I was reading outside while my children played. The book was put down for, at most, 5 minutes. I picked it up to discover that one whole side was soaked with strawberry milk. NOT relaxing.
2.  Gardening- When trying to water my flowers, my oldest daughter got the hose and squirted her sister in the face. Cue the crying and screaming. NOT relaxing.
3.  Listening to music- Lately, whenever I happen to put MY choice of music on, my daughter promptly removes my CD and puts on Kidz Bop. Annoying and NOT relaxing.  
4.  Shopping- I won't even go just doesn't happen anymore unless I am alone because when I take any if the kids it quickly turns into a nightmare and is, you guessed it, NOT relaxing.
The list could go on and on.

So, since there is not much to do that is "relaxing", I regularly torture myself by choosing to do things with them that I know will not be relaxing.  Today, we went swimming with 2 of my friends and their children. Let's just say that 2 of us left almost in tears and it was not any of the kids. 
I bet if you asked the kids, they would definitely say that they had fun. Wouldn't you if people waited on you hand and foot, providing you with a constant stream of snacks, letting you eat wherever and leave a trail of food in your wake? Then those people dressed you in your bathing suit, applied your sunscreen, and swam with you on their back through the deep end while almost drowning just to keep your head out of the water so you could fetch the specific pool toy you wanted (apparently one of the 10 in the shallow end would not cut it).  At the end of the day, the same people cleaned up your entire mess, dressed you in dry clothes and placed you in the car.  After that, they drove you home and gingerly carried you to your bed for an afternoon nap. Now, THAT is relaxing!

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pregnant in Heels on SNL

Have you ever seen Bravo's Pregnant in Heels? If so, do yourself a favor and watch this...
After episode 1, I knew it was only a matter of time.

Bathing Suit after Baby

I don't know about anyone else, but I just LOVE to flaunt my hot post baby bod in a bathing suit as much as possible these days (can you sense the sarcasm here?).
All I have to say is that it has become a dreaded task to find a bathing suit each summer. During the two summers that I was pregnant, I could not have cared less. I wore a maternity one piece tent...and loved it. I was supposed to look that unacceptable in a bathing suit.
But now, my daugher is 5 months old and I should be getting back to "normal". Problem is, I am not really sure what normal is because I just had my 3rd baby. Is normal what I looked like before pregnancy unleashed it wrath on my body? Is normal what I looked like after my 1st daughter turned 1 and I had lost most of the weight and accepted that it was as good as it was going to get. Or is normal what I looked like before my most recent pregnancy? Let me just say now, that is not what I want for my "normal".  And although I have been running and exercising with my sister in law, I am nowhere near where I would like to be.
I am realistic though. I know that I could weigh 120 lbs and still NEVER wear a bikini. Never, never, never! It just will not happen ever again...and I am fine with that. But is it too much to ask to find a nice, flattering, not too boring tankini or one piece?
So a few weeks ago, I thought all my prayers had been answered when I was swimming with my friend, Kelli, who was sporting a very cute one piece. It was ruched in the front and bright...still very stylish and not too mom-like (but we are moms, so why do we worry about wearing a mom suit or getting the "mom haircut"?). She had gotten it at Marshal's so I headed directly there the next day. I found one in a different, yet equally as vibrant, color. It was close to the same style...a little different but very similar. It was flattering and the ruching in the front hid a MULTITUDE of sins. I purchased it that day and for once, I felt that I had found the suit for me. I was ready for summer.
I have been wearing the bathing suit for the past few weeks and loving it.
My children were in their baby pool this weekend and it was the first time this summer that I was in the privacy of my own backyard, wearing my new suit, and catching some rays. Mind you, I had worn this bathing suit to a friend's house and to my parents' pool on multiple occasions with other friends and family members present. But as I walked to the back door of my house to go grab one of the dozens of things that my kids had requested throughout that day, I got a glimpse of myself in the new suit. It was a full body shot in the sliding glass door...and I thought, "SHIT, I look like a freakin' hot mess in this!"
Guess I will, once again, be on the quest for the perfect bathing suit after baby.

Monday, June 27, 2011

My thoughts exactly...

Why am I so worked up about this?

It was after 8:30 and I was making the baby's last bottle before bed. I noticed that I was extremely low on formula, something that I usually do not let happen. I mean, if I have a coupon for it and it's on sale, I buy it.
Anyway, I sent my husband, Matt, to the "to remain unnamed" store to grab some with the intention of visiting my normal stores (BJs or Target) later in the week. I sent him armed with 2 coupons...a store coupon for $2 off and a manufacturer coupon for $1 off...I also had given him a register printout coupon for $2 off any purchase. (sometimes I think that he is a little embarrassed with all the coupons)Therefore, a grand total of $5 off.
He shortly returned and stated that it was a "fiasco" and that the store only took the $2 store cash coupon. How could they not take their own store coupon or the freakin' manufacturer coupon? Those manufacturer coupons were sent to me DIRECTLY from the company after a strongly worded email was sent to them regarding the lack of coupons I had received after the birth of my 3rd daughter. Hey, I had used the same formula for all 3 girls...since 2005. I didn't even blink an eye with their unwavering loyalty deserved some damn coupons.  Long story short, the very nice customer relations lady emailed me back and promptly sent me a sample and 2 coupons...I was enraged with only 2 coupons but thought it was best not to press my luck with another email.
Back to the situation at really BURNS ME UP when stores give you crap about coupons. You put them out there, expect people to use them. Using a store coupon and a manufacturer coupon is perfectly acceptable.  And for the record "to remain unnamed" store, you are lucky that it was my husband and not me there tonight.
So as I write this I again ask, "Why am I so worked up about this?"... really. why? 45 minutes later and I was still fuming about it. Is this what my life has come to? Oh well. Hopefully I can get over it and force myself to finish this glass of wine.

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Let's get started...opinions on potty training

Some of my opinions on a topic that hits close to home these days...potty training.
I have successfully potty trained my oldest daughter. It took little to no effort (besides me harrassing her to use the potty every morning before we would get in the car to head to daycare/work). She has had fewer accidents than I can count on one hand. That is just her personality. If she was going to wear underwear, she sure as hell wasn't going to pee in them.
Well, now I am faced with my almost 3 year old. She has no interest in it whatsoever. If I talk about being a "big girl", she says she is too little. If I say that her big sister is doing it, she says, "well, I am the little sister". This girl has an answer for everything.
I want her to start school in the fall, I want to stop buying diapers (well pull ups now, because although she won't use the potty, she refuses to wear diapers because they are for "babies"), I want her to start to become more self sufficient, I want her to stop crapping herself. But I realized, it is not about what "I" want.
My final thoughts: wait until the child is ready...or you will be banging your head against the wall for months trying to make them do something that they may not be ready for. Hey, if she is a little over 3 when it finally happens, then big flippin whoop!
It will happen when it happens and I am not sure why parents set up a time frame in their mind that all kids must follow. It is not that simple...nothing is (as I am learning along the way).


Welcome to my blog! My goal is to provide you with some helpful pointers on parenting, to share some of my experiences, and to give you quite a few laughs along the way (because if we didn't laugh, we would cry).