Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Money Savers

As it gets closer to Christmas, I am always looking for ways to save money.  So far, here a few things that I have been doing this holiday season...

It's simple.  I clip coupons regularly.  Each Sunday morning, I go through my coupon organizer and throw out expired coupons and add my new ones.  I save as much money as I can by buying items on sale and using a coupon. 

Target Debit REDcard-
LOVE IT!!! I got the Debit card so it is linked to my checking account.  No credit to pay off after the holidays.  I save 5% every time I shop at Target (which easily amounts to at least $5 each trip).  Plus, use it online and get free shipping plus your 5% off.  It's a no brainer.  If you go to Target and use your debit card, why not get a REDcard and save money while you are at it?

I have talked about it before but I just love Ebates!!! When you sign up, you get to choose a gift card deal.  I got the $10 Target card (can you tell I LOVE Target?) and received it at the same time that I received my first cash back check.  I got my first cash back check last month.  It is legit.  So check it out and sign up.  There are so many stores on there...and you can buy what you were planning on buying anyway but receive cash back.  It's great!
If you sign up, use me email as a referral (!
Amazon is the best.  I ordered a toy for my girls the other day.  It was almost $10 cheaper on Amazon and it was shipped the SAME day for no charge.  Shop from home...gotta love that!

Groupon and Living Social-
I love or  I always get deals that I can use at some point in the future.  So when we are broke after the holidays, at least I know that my husband and I can go out to dinner using the Living Social deal I purchased months ago!

If anyone has any great money saving tips for the holidays (or for any time of the year), PLEASE share!! I just love good deals:)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Beyond the First Born

Let's face it...if you have more than one child, you understand that it is a whole different animal than when you just had your first.  Your time and energy are now divided between 2 or even, in my case, 3 children.  Certain sentiments and standards that you had with your first go to the wayside...

Here are some examples:

First born:
When we have the baby we want to limit visitors because of germs.  Plus, I am sure that I will be so exhausted that I will need the time to rest.  All visitors must wash their hands and use the hand sanitizer that I placed conspicuously by the door.  I have masks available as well if you seem to be coming down with a sniffle.
Beyond the first born:
Please come visit whenever you want.  The recovery room after my c-section is fine too. Oh, and if you come to my house bring your kids so they can entertain my kids while they are here.  Maybe just wash your hands real quick.

First born:
These cute little stuffed animals and toys for the baby are precious.  I can't wait for him/her to play with them!
Beyond the first born:
We really don't need any more toys.  Diapers and wipes will do. Gift cards are good, too.  BTW, my 3 year old refuses to get potty trained but won't wear diapers, so pull-ups are also appreciated. Size 4t, thanks!

First born:
I need to sterilize all of my bottles after each use.
Beyond the first born:
Sterilize after each use? Seriously? I just boiled them after I bought them...then hand washing or top rack of dishwasher will do.

First born:
I will only use Pampers Swaddlers on my newborn.
Beyond the first born:
What diapers are on sale and where? and what coupons do I have?

First born:
I really want to limit TV time for my child or avoid it altogether until at least age 2.  Studies suggest that children who watch TV have delayed speech, higher incidence of behavior problems, are more at risk to not graduate from college, and will most likely enter a life of crime by their early 20s.
Beyond the first born:
PLEASE go watch your favorite show for at least 30 godforsaken minutes and give me some peace.  You can even watch it twice if you love it that much.  And I bought your favorite show on DVD, which includes 3 episodes and has a running time of approximately 109 minutes.

First born:
I really appreciate all of the visitors that have come to see the baby.  I just love showing him/her off!
Beyond the first born:
I really appreciate all of the family/friends that have visited and then proceeded to take my other children for a few hours.  It is godsend to be able to rest with only the baby here.

First born:
I hope I can fit back into my old clothes in a month or two.
Beyond the first born:
I hope I can fit back into my old clothes in a year or two.

There are so many more examples that I encounter on a weekly, if not daily, basis.  Do you have any examples of how things changed beyond your first born child? Please share, I would love to hear!!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

'Tis the Season to be Sickly

So here we go again, it is that time of year for baking, cooking, shopping, decorating...and wiping snotty noses.  I feel like at least one of the kids is coughing or sneezing on a daily basis.  So how do I prevent this? I would love any suggestions that people may have.

So far, I have used the following methods to prevent or reduce sickness in my house/the daycare:
  • Wash my hands until they are raw (Seriously! They are cracking and bleeding and wrinkled like I am 80 years old.)
  • Wash everything not nailed down in bleach/water...especially toys that kids love to chew on like little rabbits
  • Crack windows even when it is below 40 degrees out in the morning and the heat is on and I am fully aware of the fact that I am basically letting dollar bills float out of the windows
  • Give my 2 older children their vitamins on a daily basis (that they wash down with a few pieces of Halloween candy and chocolate milk)
  • Get flu shots for the kids (I need to get one but I swear my arm was sore for a month last year after that damn shot)
Even after all of these methods, someone is still catching some kind of cold.  I know it is the time of year and there is not much I can do, but it is just plain ANNOYING!
So please, if you have any suggestions, feel free to share.  What I would not like people to share are their nasty germs.  Yes, lady that was at Super G the other day barking like a seal with your nasty cough, I am talking to you! Please stay home if you sound that horrible.  Thanks.