Friday, September 21, 2012

Give me 5 for Friday: Mystery Reader Clues

I'm introducing a new fun little diddy on Fridays.  It's called "Give me 5 for Friday".  I will post something every Friday that consists of some list of 5 things.  It might be 5 great or not so great things about the week, 5 recipes that I may have made or that I may have pinned and never attempted or even considered to attempt but just pinned it because I like feeling like a failure, or 5 random things that I want to list that day. 

Here is my first Give me 5 for Friday!

Don't judge the picture too harshly.  Like I have said before, I am impulsive so I just came up with this little idea.  Therefore, I needed a quick pic. 

One of my best friends has a son in 1st grade.  This class has a mystery reader come in every Thursday.  The mystery reader is usually a parent/family member.  The week before you come into the class, you have to send in 5 clues about yourself so the teacher can give the students hints about who the mystery reader is and the kids can guess.

Well, my friend and I had a few laughs talking about what our five clues would be...

Here are mine:

1.  This person has a teeny bit of a weight about 40 lbs or so.

2.  This person has 2 pairs of jeans.  Only one pair fits.

3.  This person has unexplained adult acne on her chin. 

4.  This person wears her in hair in a pony tail on most days because of its unruly and uncooperative nature.

5.  You can find this person perusing the aisles of Target at least once (and usually twice) a week.

I could give more clues, but basically these should be enough.

What would your 5 clues be?

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  1. I love it!! I've been trying to come up with new ideas for my blog and you, my dear, have come up with a great one! Yesterday's blog about fighting off the impulse to buy a new hamster was good, but I'm glad you DIDN'T go through with THAT impulse. THIS impulse is awesome!!

    Here are my five hints:

    1. This person has an addiction to Mike Rowe and would watch him drink beer, stick his arm up a cow's woo hoo or lean up against a fence reading the phone book for hours on end.

    2. This person works all Friday night home football games in the concession stand, slinging nachos with cheese, hot dogs and popcorn.

    3. This person switches out a different pair of capris each day. One day it's the blue jean pair, the next it's the brown pair. The only 2 pair she has that fit. And it's getting chilly and her ankles are starting to get cold.

    4. This person will go in an Ultimate Cage Fighting ring for the last piece of chocolate cake.

    5. This person used to be really good at staying on top of paying bills. Now? Eh, she'll get around to it.


  2. 1. This person cannot not eat just one bowl Captain Crunch Cereal...

    2. This person's favorite color is red.

    3. This person loves the sound of laughter.

    4. This person main-lines caffeine... not really.

    5. This person never, ever, except maybe for really, really, super, duper special occasions... wears high-heals.

  3. I love this idea! Here are my 5 clues:

    1. This person is very rarely seen wearing anything other than yoga pants and a tee-shirt.

    2. This person can be found at the grocery store a minimum of 3 times per week.

    3. This person consumes an embarrassing amount of cereal on a daily basis.

    4. This person is in dire need of adult conversation.

    5. This person is an awesome story-reader (she does crazy voices and everything).

  4. 1. This person is brown unlike many of you.

    2. This person cannot stop talking.

    3. This person works.

    4. You wouldn't know this person works becuase her wardrobe is severely lacking and not very professional.

    5. This person could be mistaken for a transvestite when wearing heels.

  5. 1. Some days this person's hair makes her look like the comedian Carrot Top.

    2. This person eats peanut butter by the spoonful daily.

    3. This person is constantly telling the kids to hurry up or we will be late (we always end up early).

    4. This person starts her morning off with a nice, cold Diet Pepsi each day.

    5. This person loves to gossip.

  6. I'm not sure, but Id definitely have clue #3 on my list as well. Damn you, unexplained adult chin acne!!

  7. Thanks for responding!!!! I love all of your 5 clues! I would add a few of them to my list as well:)


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