Friday, January 24, 2014

Some words for the Biebs.

Justin Bieber is all over the news these days.  It seems so silly to me that this is "front page" breaking news. 

But it is.

And I have some words for Justin (or any celebrity who seems to be on a downward spiral).  Notice that I said celebrity.  That is who I am addressing here.

Justin, I know that you will make mistakes.  I know...because everyone does.  I get that you are a kid, really.  You are growing up in the spotlight.  And although that may be hard, YOU CHOSE THIS.  You chose it.  Your mom chose it.  It was a choice to have this lifestyle.  I am sure you were well aware of all the crap that came along with it.    

So get your shit together.  For real.  Since (again) YOU CHOSE THIS LIFE, you have to realize that you are now a role model.  Like it or not.  Try to make the right choices.  Try very hard, please.  There are millions of kids that make good choices everyday.  You can do it.  You cannot continue to make poor choices and answer to no one.  Or you can.  It's another choice you have to make.

Let me tell you a little story, Justin.  Today is pajama day at my kids' school and my 5 year old wanted to wear pajamas with your face and name all over them.  She loves those pajamas.  They were on her Christmas list.  A 5 year old took the time to add "Justin Bieber pajamas" to her list for Santa.  I told her she was not wearing them to school and explained why.  I was mostly honest with her.  I told her that you were speeding and that you were not respectful to the police officers.  I left out the whole drugs and alcohol and DUI thing.  She didn't believe me so I showed her your picture...yep, the one with your smug ass smiling nice and big for your mug shot.  She was sad that you had to "go to jail".  She said she wanted to take your poster down from her wall.  She was let down.

Kids are let down.  They spend their money on your clothes, music, or concert tickets.  And frankly my dear, you don't deserve it right now. 

I pray that you get your f*cking act together.  I really do.  I pray for your mom.  I pray that she had nothing to do with your little escapades (as some news outlets are reporting).  I hope that all the little kids who look up to you don't continue to be disappointed.  I don't think any of this is funny so I hope you don't become a joke.  I hope you EARN people's respect.  Because you CHOSE THIS LIFE.

I'll say it again, you are a role model.  Like it or not.  Now f*cking act like one.

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