Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The snow was fun, and then it wasn't. The end.

Snow had always been so much fun for little, sweet children.  And for their parents too, for the most part.
It meant snow days, sledding, building snow men, and drinking hot chocolate.  It meant cuddles and board games and catching up on movies.

Then it snowed...and it snowed again.  Then again.  And not the type of fun snow to build snowmen or forts.  It was wet and heavy.  It was too cold to go out to play.  But it was good snow for keeping your beverages cold.

Kids missed so much school.  Their teachers (oh, their poor teachers) began to worry how they would ever keep the children on track.  There was so much to make up...and God knows, testing won't wait.  Test test test, you little teachers.

Suddenly the snow meant cabin fever, messy houses, and empty cabinets.  Kids didn't want to play games or read ANOTHER book.  They didn't want to cuddle and watch a movie.  They wanted to eat ALL THE SNACKS and take out every single toy that they have ever had and fight with their siblings and whine.  They wanted to watch 20 back to back episodes of any show on Nick Jr. 

Electric bills went up, morale went down (and the liquor store bills went waaaaay up).  Snow melted and flooded basements.  And just as quick as it melted, it would snow again.  Just enough to cause a nuisance.

It was icy.  The ice brought down trees, caused power outages and made many a pipe burst.

And just when they had all had enough...when they were OVER THE SNOW, the headlines read:

More Snow Coming Our Way

Latest forecast: up to 12 inches of snow

Snowpocalypse 2014

And Mother Nature laughed and laughed.

And Mothers everywhere cried and cried.

The snow was fun, and then it wasn't.

The end.
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  1. I want a happier ending. One with highs in the 90's, UV index of 100%, and the smell of cocoa butter.

  2. Those were the reasons I left Massachusetts for Florida LOL


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