Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bathing Suit after Baby

I don't know about anyone else, but I just LOVE to flaunt my hot post baby bod in a bathing suit as much as possible these days (can you sense the sarcasm here?).
All I have to say is that it has become a dreaded task to find a bathing suit each summer. During the two summers that I was pregnant, I could not have cared less. I wore a maternity one piece tent...and loved it. I was supposed to look that unacceptable in a bathing suit.
But now, my daugher is 5 months old and I should be getting back to "normal". Problem is, I am not really sure what normal is because I just had my 3rd baby. Is normal what I looked like before pregnancy unleashed it wrath on my body? Is normal what I looked like after my 1st daughter turned 1 and I had lost most of the weight and accepted that it was as good as it was going to get. Or is normal what I looked like before my most recent pregnancy? Let me just say now, that is not what I want for my "normal".  And although I have been running and exercising with my sister in law, I am nowhere near where I would like to be.
I am realistic though. I know that I could weigh 120 lbs and still NEVER wear a bikini. Never, never, never! It just will not happen ever again...and I am fine with that. But is it too much to ask to find a nice, flattering, not too boring tankini or one piece?
So a few weeks ago, I thought all my prayers had been answered when I was swimming with my friend, Kelli, who was sporting a very cute one piece. It was ruched in the front and bright...still very stylish and not too mom-like (but we are moms, so why do we worry about wearing a mom suit or getting the "mom haircut"?). She had gotten it at Marshal's so I headed directly there the next day. I found one in a different, yet equally as vibrant, color. It was close to the same style...a little different but very similar. It was flattering and the ruching in the front hid a MULTITUDE of sins. I purchased it that day and for once, I felt that I had found the suit for me. I was ready for summer.
I have been wearing the bathing suit for the past few weeks and loving it.
My children were in their baby pool this weekend and it was the first time this summer that I was in the privacy of my own backyard, wearing my new suit, and catching some rays. Mind you, I had worn this bathing suit to a friend's house and to my parents' pool on multiple occasions with other friends and family members present. But as I walked to the back door of my house to go grab one of the dozens of things that my kids had requested throughout that day, I got a glimpse of myself in the new suit. It was a full body shot in the sliding glass door...and I thought, "SHIT, I look like a freakin' hot mess in this!"
Guess I will, once again, be on the quest for the perfect bathing suit after baby.


  1. Kate- I am sure it wasn't as bad as you though! You are your worst critic. Also- I got a few more "cute post baby suits" from J-crew online. They have great colors look fab:-) Love you- in any suit- Kelli

  2. Try miraclesuit.com. I bought one from them last year and love it. It holds everything in and hides everything. They are a little expensive..around $100.00 but well worth it. Good luck on the bathing suit hunt...i know your pain.


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