Wednesday, August 10, 2011

It's Lights Out

So in the wonderful storms that zipped through North Wilmington yesterday, our power went out.  It went out at approximately 12:40 pm.  I called Delmarva Power around 4:00 pm and they said that it was estimated to be restored by 5:00 pm.  To my understanding, I think the word "estimate" means to calculate something roughly.  Wow, that was really a rough estimate.  Every time I called, they just pushed the estimated (there's that word again) restoration time back by 2 hours.  But I am sure they were doing their best.
By 8:45 last night, the darkness was setting in and the kids were losing their ever loving minds.  My 3 year old went from thinking the power outage was fun and "exciting" (she loves that word) to wanting to move to a new house with lights and TV.  She was unhappy with every aspect of our situation.  There was a cute bunny in the front yard that my 6 year old tried to point out to her.  She informed us that she didn't like bunnies anymore.  She said she didn't like anything anymore and just wanted to watch a TV show. 
Finally we decided to pack it up and head over to my sister in law's house.  The kids acted like we were going to Disney World.  They were screeching and cheering about a sleepover at their aunt's...because she would have lights and a TV there.  All they cared about were the damn lights and TV (I started thinking maybe, just maybe, they were becoming a little too dependent on TV...hmmmmm). 
It got me thinking about how they are so accustomed to modern technology that they were melting down after less than 12 hours without electricity.  (I was also melting down...mainly due to the fact that the temperature in the house was climbing and I loathe humidity.)  I highly doubt that either one of my 2 oldest daughters would ever last as a contestant on Survivor.  The baby on the other hand, could have cared less. But give her 2 years and I am sure that she will be jumping right on the "complaining and whining about things out of mommy's control train".
All in all, it was fine and we came home early this morning to every light in the house on and the TV blaring.  The funny thing is that the girls watched one movie this morning and haven't really watched TV since.  Not once have they asked for it to be turned on and they are quite content playing.  But I am sure that if there was another power outage, it would take t-minus 2 minutes until the complaining started. 

Anyone else have any problems with the storms yesterday?  If so, did your children act like you were doomed to live in the darkness forever?

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