Saturday, August 27, 2011

Irene postpones 1st day of school, disappoints parents everywhere

This is what the headlines should read in my opinion.  Please, before you think I am being harsh, let me say that I am not implying that parents are ready to give their school-age children the boot.  However, I think both parents AND children are ready for back to school time.

My daughter was due to start first grade on Monday and she was so upset that it was not going to happen.  She is ready.  Her bookbag is packed, her uniforms are now washed and ready to go, her lunch bag is sitting on the counter.  She is so excited to get started...and now she will have to wait at least one more day.

On another note, that means one more day that she is home.  She will most likely be fighting with her younger sister at least 50% of the day.  The other 50% of the day will consist of her wanting constant snacks, asking to go somewhere or do something because she "is bored", or just flat out complaining about all the injustices that 6 year olds must face in the world.

I do get sentimental when I think of how big she is getting...and I remember her being a baby like it was yesterday.  But there is a time for everything, and it is her time to start 1st grade.  I know she will love it and I am eager for her to learn new things and meet new friends. 

So I really think Hurricane Irene screwed most parents...oh, I meant KIDS.  Forget torrential rains and flooding, forget strong winds and extensive power outages...I will forever remember Irene as the storm that postponed the first day of school (and my oldest daughter's first day of 1st grade) in most of Delaware.

Thanks a lot, Irene, thanks a lot....

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