Monday, April 7, 2014

Ten Tips for Taking Selfies

I was looking through the pictures on my phone this weekend and saw that I had many, many, many selfies gone wrong.  After years of practicing the fine art of selfies, I thought maybe I could share some veteran tips with all 5 of my loyal readers.

First, let me share the selfies I took when I finally recieved my shipment of "I Just Want to Be Alone" books. I was so excited that I took my pics right then and there.  Even though I was dressed for the gym.

Tip 1: Keep your damn eyes open.

Tip 2: Try not to make a fake "Look how excited/surprised I am" face. It is just creepy. And unattractive.

Tip 3: Again, DON'T try the fake excited look. I thought this was important and warranted repeating.

Tip 4: Just go with the least unflattering picture you can.  If you are dressed for the gym, this might be as good as it gets.  (Bonus tip: Use an Instagram filter to even skin tone.)

That book right there ^^^? Yep, that one.  It is available on Amazon (paperback or Kindle) or Barnes & Noble (paperback or Nook) or on iTunes. Click the version you want and order away!!!

Tip 5: A little eye makeup never hurt anyone, right? Geez. Note to self: put on some mascara before taking a selfie.

Oh, and that book ^^^ is also available to purchase! Click HERE to find out where to order.

Tip 6: If you have kids, take selfies with them. People love that crap. But make sure your share these tips with them. Because as you can see, kids usually shut their eyes. Every damn time. Try, try again. (And by attempt #14, your kid will probably be having a meltdown, but don't give up. It's all for the selfie.)

Tip 7: Catch yourself at the most flattering angle. The one above is what your want to avoid. I'll talk more about this later, as this is the MOST important factor in taking a decent selfie.

Tip 8: Again, selfies with kids are great. And if you are having one of those "I feel bloated" days, use your kids as your cover. Especially if they are dressed like Jessie/Strawberry Shortcake.

Tip 9: Don't be afraid to try a sultry pose. That's what I did here. What? You don't think that's me???

Tip 10: Finally, the MOST important tip is getting the right angle. The pictures below speak for themselves.



If you buy or already bought a copy of "I Just Want to Be Alone", take a selfie with the book and post in on my Facebook wall!!!!

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