Monday, September 5, 2011

Obstacles to Weight Loss

It is time for me to stop making excuses and start making changes to my lifestyle in order to lose the "baby weight" that I have accumulated over the past 6 years and 3 babies.  I have been running since May and have lost a whole 3 whopping pounds...not quite what I was hoping for.  This week, I will begin to change my diet in order to really get the ball rolling (via Weight Watchers...because apparently I need to pay for someone to weigh me each week in order to lose weight).  I have been thinking about it lately and have realized that is doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what the problem is here.  There are a few glaringly obvious obstacles to my weight loss.  Here they are:

1.  Eating what my children leave behind
I need to tell myself that is is okay to throw out what my children don't eat.  It is not a waste...what it is is throwing out trash (scraps of food that I should NOT feel the need to eat).  I am not doing myself any favors by eating those last few bites of mac and cheese.  The little bit of a hot dog that was left behind is better off in the trash (after all, those few bites would probably be about 5 grams of fat that I clearly don't need).

2.  Cooking on the fly
When I do not plan out what we are going to eat for dinner throughout the week, I usually just decide to make whatever is easiest...and sometimes this does not mean it is the healthiest.  This leads me to #3.

3.  Being unprepared with food/ingredients
I must make sure that I have everything I need for healthy, easy dinners.  This means sitting down and making a grocery list that clearly lists everything I need for the week.  Making sure I have everything I need will cut down on ordering out. Sometimes I go to make something for dinner and I find that I am missing something I need.  Instead of running to the store to get it, I find we run for the nearest take out menu.  It needs to stop.

4.  Sheer exhaustion
Sometimes I am so tired at the end of the day, that I decide to say "screw it" and I just eat whatever the hell I want.  I may be tired but making myself a nice salad doesn't have to take that much energy.  I can always make a big salad ahead of time and have it available when I am hungry.  Some people say that they are too busy and tired to find time to eat...why don't I have that problem?

5.  Life
The last obstacle seems to be life.  You only live once and I am sorry, but I refuse to be the person who comes to the party and doesn't eat or have a drink.  I remember going to Weight Watchers meetings in the past and people would talk about their Thanksgiving plans and how they were going to make a special low-cal dish to take to their family dinner.  To be honest, I would tell someone to go take a freakin' hike if they did that at my house on a holiday.  It is great to eat healthy on your own time, but seriously, sometimes you have to just let it go.  I think that as long you are exercising and eating well on a regular basis, you should feel free to splurge on occasion.  I just need to cut back on the splurging whenever the mood strikes me.  Yes, going to a fantasy football draft and having half a dozen beers is fine (in my book)...what is not fine is chalking up the whole weekend as a wash because of one event and have a  free for all with the snacks and booze.

So if I can get past at least 4 of the 5 obstacles, I think I will be successful.  Here's to hoping...

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