Monday, May 7, 2012

Bloggers DANCE PARTY!!!

House Talkn

The time has come.  Kerry over at House TalkN did a bloggers dance off recently and it was such a hit that she challenged other bloggers to do it too.  That is how the Summer Dance Off Series was born.  New dance videos will be posted by bloggers on the first Monday of each month in May, June and July!

And not just any old blogger can do this.  You have to be special.  And by special I mean that you have to be willing to make a complete ass out of yourself on a social media network.  Luckily, I am cool with that.

Then today I saw Ellen asked people to enter a video of them dancing to Lady Gaga's Just Dance to be her "Dancer of the Day".  Well, being the efficient multitasker that I am, I decided why not kill two birds with one stone?

So for you viewing pleasure, here is my contribution to the Bloggers Dance Off:

You're welcome.


  1. Holy Hawtness- I love this! When you kick the cart away- KABOOM!
    If you want the video to show up- go to YouTube, hit share, embed, copy and paste it to your HTML.
    This is pure awesome!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

    1. Thank you!!! I just fixed it. DUH! You learn something new everyday!!

  2. That was so awesome! Go you fantastic woman!

  3. That was so awesome! Go you fantastic woman!

  4. you are my hero. you are GOOD! absolutely fabulous, and i will go dancing with you any night of the week.

    ellen would be silly not to pick your video as the best.

    (my favorite moment is the little chair move...omg!)

    smiles and happy new week to you.


  5. Shake girl! And bonus points for multitasking! Ellen (not THE Ellen, just the special blogger Ellen)

  6. YES! YES! YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who knew I could love this blog even more?!??!

    I see you got a Liebster award thingy already, but now you got another one. No need to pass it on since you aren't a Liebster virgin.

    But, with those dance moves, I knew you weren't a virgin.

  7. Guuuuurl, you got the MOVES! The way you incorporated the vacuum and the kid toys? Genius. Welcome aboard the crazy dancer train honey! You fit in perfectly.

  8. LOVE!!! You are so brave!! Good luck with Ellen, I will share you too, you know I am a professional Ellen stalker!!

  9. Love. Love. Hilarious! Just did mine - so much fun!!!

  10. That was awesome! You got moves, girl!

  11. OMG!! I LOVE this! Wish I had have the guts you do to do something like this!


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