Friday, May 25, 2012

Signs of Summer

Summer is right around the corner!  It's already Memorial Day weekend, a sure sign that summer is about to begin.  Along with the holiday weekend, there are quite a few other signs that summer is approaching.  In no particular order, here are mine...

1.  My hot flip flop farmer tan.
I looked down the other day and saw it.  There is was on the top of both of my feet.  My flip flop farmer tan.  I thoughts a few things.  First, it really is pathetic that I wear flip flops so much.  Seriously, people, I love them.  I wear them with everything.  When I do wear a cute pair of sandals or heels, it is almost painful to me.  I long for my Reefs.  The second thought that I had was, "Well, now I know summer is coming and I have the physical proof right there on my feet."

Which leads me to my second "sign", more physical proof of the impending doom approaching swimsuit season...

2.  I gained 4 pounds.
DAMN!  When will I learn to start dieting and exercising regularly NO MORE THAN 60 days prior to swimsuit season.  I was doing so good...back in December!!! I ran regularly until the end of March, then my running partner/sister in law headed to the Netherlands for work.  I promised myself that I would keep up the running.  I could do 3 miles with ease.  Needless to say, I broke that promise to myself.  But I am going to get back to it this summer when I have more free time.  I am, really, I am.  And Weight Watchers?  Uh, so I haven't been following that either.  I would still be gung ho on this crap if I stared in April.  When will I ever learn?

Bathing suit then.                 Bathing suit now.

3.  Slacking with the school work.
Not my school work, but my daughter's.  She leaves her bookbag in the car half of the time now and it is not until bedtime that we realize it is still in the car and we haven't even started homework.  Luckily, she doesn't have much to do and she gets it done quickly.  But over the past week or two there have been many a day when she is doing it at the table while eating her breakfast.  I am just over it.  Bring in summer vacation,even if it means constant whining, fighting, demanding entertainment, neverending snacking, more whining...
Wait, did I say "bring on summer vacation"?

4.  Slacking with bedtime.
On school nights, we try to have the kids in bed by 8.  This week it was more like 9. Okay, 9ish.  I am totally done with the school night bedtime routine.  I am tired of fighting the fight.  If they can go to bed at 9 and still be up and somewhat pleasant in the morning, I'll accept that. 

5.  No to packing lunch, yes to buying.
I usually pack my daughter's lunch for school.  She is in first grade and I don't think it is necessary for her to buy school lunch all the time.  Every now and then, when they have her favorites, we would let her buy.  BUT...we sent in a check for her lunch account the other day and I told her that she could buy any day that she would like, as long as she let me know.  Deep down I am hoping she will buy everyday.  I am so sick of making sandwiches!  She wants turkey or ham and cheese everyday.  I don't want to make ONE.DAMN.SANDWICH. all summer.  I know I will.  But I won't want to.

So what are your signs that summer is coming?  Please share with me because I would love to know.  Maybe I can add them to the list!

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  1. Hey honey!Thanks for joining the blog hop. How the heck do I follow your blog? Maybe I'm special.

  2. My sign is slacking on dinner. After a day of fun out in the sun the last thing I want to do is come back and prepare dinner!

    Stopping over from the blog hop!

  3. Katie~
    I have rec'd your comments via email but they aren't showing on my blog comments - so weird. But I appreciate your support and understanding more than you know.

    I love this blogpost. I love the sandwich part because I am truly looking forward to not packing lunches..!! I am so done with bedtime routine too...let the summer slackoff begin!

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