Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Easter Ideas from Pinterest that I WON'T Be Trying

I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest.  Many months ago, I wrote this post about it.

Now I have warmed up a bit and find it extremely useful.  I also find it extremely stressful and it has made me feel like a failure on many, many occasions.

But I keep going back, searching for fun recipes and craft ideas for things that I will never make.  I don't even bother checking out the clothes I will never wear or the home projects I will never complete.  Recently I have found some great suggestions for Easter...many of which, as usual, I WON'T be trying. 

Here are a few:

Monochromatic theme basket with painted Easter Eggs. 
Sure, let me get out my paint set and reading glasses to paint some eggs with extreme care and attention to detail just to have my kids crack them open and throw the shells all over the floor.

Beer themed basket.
Who would do this for a kid???  What kid wants Little Tree air fresheners and slim jims?  That's just cruel.
Oh wait, I think this is a basket for the man in your life...

Easter Basket Ideas for Crafters
Button themed Easter basket.
What the???  Fill a basket with eggs containing small items perfect for choking.  Kids will have fun opening eggs and finding multicolor buttons inside!  Just freshen up your CPR skills first. 
By the way, I am sure that this basket isn't recommended for toddlers.  But I don't know many kids who would be excited for a basket full of damn buttons.

Healthy Easter Basket Ideas
A real live rabbit in the Easter Basket.
Hell NO.  Unless I want to see this poor rabbit's head at my bedside next to my cold blooded killer of a cat, who will be waiting to be praised, no live rabbit for us this Easter. 

Pinned Image
Easter Egg Sensa-Dough.
No, no, no.  Just NO.  I have a hard enough time with Play-doh.  There will be absolutely no Sensa-Dough, which apparently comes in all sorts of "amazing scents".  Awesome.  At least my carpet will smell good when the Sensa-Dough is ground into it for eternity.

Easter basket ideas for adults
Ok, this one I might have to do.  I think I need this costume...and I KNOW I need the wine.

alt text

Again, all images and ideas were found on the one and only site that inspires you to be creative while also making you want to crawl back into bed, pull the covers over your head, and pretend that you never saw a thing...Pinterest.
And you can feel like a failure too...by following me on Pinterest at http://pinterest.com/somewhatsanemom/


  1. Glad someone else feels the same way about Pinterest, I always feel inadequate when I search it. Everything is just "too cute"!

  2. I will wear that bunny suit if I can drink the bottle of wine! :)

  3. Oh Katie, PLEASE dress up in that costume and post a picture!! Seriously, though, this is why I don't troll Pinterest a lot. It's clear some people have WAY too much time and untapped creativity on their hands.


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