Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Unique Natural Products Review and Giveaway!

I don't do many reviews on this blog.  The ones that I do are for products that I would use in my real life.  And guess what, folks?  Having 3 young children and a home daycare certainly requires the use of cleaning products!

And NATURAL, SAFE, and EFFECTIVE cleaning products are even better!

When I was contacted by Unique Natural Products, I immediately went to their website to check them out before I agreed to do a review.  I wanted to make sure that their products were something that I would actually use.  The more I read about these products, the more excited I became to try them out.  So I agreed and waited for my shipment.

Some of the things that I loved about Unique Natural Products while checking out their site were:
  • They are inexpensive.
  • They are organic/green/safe.
  • There are a variety of products for all your home cleaning needs, such as stain remover, carpet cleaner, drain opener, and odor eater.
  • They are guaranteed or you get your money back!
  • The stain/odor remover can be used on anything that water won't damage.
  • The carpet cleaner can be used for small messes or for your entire carpet with a carpet cleaning machine.
First, let me say that the company was VERY generous with the samples they sent.  Check it out!

The entire shipment!

Wine stain eater.  Very useful...for wine stains and suchNot that I ever spill wine or anything...

The Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator.  I need to buy stock in this product!

So one of the first things that I did was use the Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator on a sticky, random, questionable stain that was on one small area of my carpet.  The directions say to saturate the area with stain remover, cover with a clean damp clean cotton cloth, and then let the product sit on the stain for 24 hours...but I am so impatient.  I did the first 2 steps but checked the stain about 2 hours later.  I was shocked at how quickly it started working!

After only 2 hours!

I also noticed a sticky spot on my hardwood floor, probably from one of the kids spilling juice.  I decided to wipe it up using the same Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator product since it says that it can be used on hardwood floors.  I was so happy with how it cleaned the floor that I kept going and going.  By the time I was done, my floors looked like new.

Well, look at that!!! 

Then, just when I couldn't love these products any more...my 2 year old got the stomach bug and threw up on one of the sofa cushions.  Woohoo. 

I cleaned up the area with soap and warm water.  THEN I saturated it with the Carpet Shampoo and Stain Remover (which can also be used on furniture).  I covered the area with a clean white towel.  And what do you know?  The next morning it was clean and had NO ODOR whatsoever!  Seriously!!

I highly recommend these products...especially if you are someone who is into all natural, green cleaning products.

If you think that Unique Natural Products sound right for you, go check them and out place an order.  It is free shipping for orders over $50!


You can also enter to win an awesome giveaway of Unique Natural Products RIGHT HERE!!!  Yep, that's right.  You can enter to win the Pet Odor & Stain Eliminator, Super Digest-It Drain Opener, Unique Complete, Carpet Shampoo, and the Wine Stain Eater!!!!

Enter now! The giveaway ends on Sunday, March 10th! Good luck!

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  1. I need them because I am a clean freak, and I like using natural products in our home!

  2. I need these because I have 2 young boys and 2 dogs!

  3. These products look awesome. I could definitely use the odor remover. We are potty training my 3 year old during the night and sometimes he doesn't make it to the bathroom. His carpet is starting to smell.

  4. Awesome!! I need my floors to look that shiny!!

  5. That is me Kristin :)

  6. because we have a dog and 3 cats

  7. I need them because our house desperately needs a spring clean what with 1 baby, 1 toddler, 1 husband and 2 cats leaving mess everywhere. Pick me, pick me, pick me...

  8. I am grateful for this precious effort that you described in this blog about green cleaning product..Thanks..
    Best Green Cleaning Products

  9. The results look good, especially the pet stain remover. It’s nice that it works on cleaning both carpets and hardwood floors. Usually you have to buy two separate products for that. Definitely must try this product. If only my dogs can use it themselves after they make a mess in the carpet. :)

    Kirk Kubik

  10. While it is an effective stain remover, I like this product because of its odor-removing feature. We had a new puppy a few months ago, and it just peed all over the place. I told the maid to use this on the obvious areas of the hardwood floor where the puppy more often than not pees, and it not only removed the bleached look, it took away the odor from that corner of the room as well.

    >> Tyler

  11. That is quite a fast result, considering that it said to wait for 24 hours. And it’s a big plus that it can be used in most surfaces. Definitely a must-have! Can’t wait to try out that carpet shampoo and pet odor remover.



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