Friday, April 26, 2013

Give Me 5 for Friday: A Girl and Her Band

You all know I have 3 daughters.  Two of them have longer hair and love, love, love hair accessories.  The problem is that they always want to wear headbands...but at the end of the day, the headbands are either lost or shoved into their book bags.

Well, now I have a solution.  Headbands from A Girl and Her Band!

For Give Me 5 for Friday, here are 5 things that I LOVE about these headbands:

1.  They are ADORABLE!

     My shipment of headbands!

2.  There are SO MANY to choose from and you can even order customized headbands for sports teams, businesses, or promotions.

Hair BandsMore Bands

3.  They stay put! 
I received 4 headbands and a pack of hair ties.  My girls were so excited to try them!  My 7 year old wore her headband to softball last weekend...and it kept the hair out of her face and stayed in the whole time!

     Here she is wearing the softball headband and a hair tie.

4.  They make headbands for girls of ALL ages!
I also received a headband for myself and I love it.  Trust me, I need it to keep my unruly, curly hair in check some days.

     Pardon the extreme close-up of my head.  But you get the idea...

5.  This company is wonderful! 
Each month, A Girl and Her Band chooses a different charity and donates a portion of their proceeds that month to the particular charity.  The company is also committed to empowering girls and helping them become confident, creative individuals.  Who wouldn't want to support a company like this?

So go check out A Girl and Her Band.  If you have daughters or nieces or granddaughters, you are sure to find some adorable headbands for them...and a few for yourself too!


You can enter below to win your own headbands and hair ties!  The winner gets to choose 3 headbands and a 3 pack of hair ties from A Girl and Her Band.  Enter right now...and the lucky winner will be announced next Friday!  Good luck!!!
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  1. I would love these for me and my daughter

  2. My 8 year old daughter who takes EVERYTHING out of her hair. Fingers crossed that she'll leave these in. :)

  3. My girls are always looking for cute headbands so this is a WIN-WIN for us!! :) Now if we could just win! :)

  4. I would buy these headbands for gifts for the lovely little girls in my life.

  5. my kids would LOOOOOVE these!!!!!!

  6. I would totally buy these for myself!!! I have no little girls, so I gotta keep it as girly as possible in a house full of testosterone!

  7. I have some of these bands already, and my girls are DYING for more. BUY MORE MOMMY, BUY MORE!!!! Once you start, you can't stop :)

  8. Woooo hoooo!! So excited that I won! Thanks Katie!!


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