Friday, July 19, 2013

Give Me 5 for Friday: 5 COOL things to do with kids when it gets TOO HOT.

It's been super hot here.  Like HOT.  Excessive heat warnings hot.  The pool won't even cool you off HOT.  It's 10 am and I want a cold beer HOT.

Note:  I have no clue were I got this picture.  Please don't sue me if it's yours.  
I'll take it down.  Pinky  promise.

Most days we swim.  We lather with sunscreen, rinse, and repeat.  Day after day.

But some days I find myself stuck inside with the kids.  I'm always trying to think of ways to keep them busy.  If you have found yourself in this situation at all this summer, know you are not alone.

Here are some COOL things that I have been doing with the kids when it's TOO HOT.

1.  Constantly breaking up fights.

2.  Setting timers for computer usage and listening to incessant whining time is up because even though I have picked the fairest possible way to keep track of time, it is still NOT FAIR.

3.  Trying to convince ALL 3 kids that family nap time is a good idea.

4.  Sorting all the toys into piles that we want to keep, donate, or throw out.  Only to have them rediscover toys that they haven't played with in 3 years.  We still have not gotten rid of any toys.

5.  Playing with the kitten.  SERIOUSLY.  This has been a lifesaver.  I strongly suggest getting your children a kitten.  It helps with the boredom.  The kitten is starting to get a little pissed when they constantly hold her, wake her from naps, or try to dress her in doll clothes.  But the kids are having a good time.

So as you can see, I really have NO good suggestions at all short of getting a live animal to entertain your children.  Basically I just try to get through the day with everyone in one piece and no trips to the Children's Hospital.

But I could really use your help.  If you have any good ideas, share away!!!!

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  1. hahahaha you got me! I was totally thinking "YES, I need 5 cool things!" we're so NOT getting a kitten! I do bring my kids to my sisters to play w/her dogs, and she likes it b/c after we go home she says her dogs are tired, too, so THAT tip? Is solid.
    We do a lot of lame water play, popsicles and they literally LOVE to each have their own glass of ice cubes, most of which wind up on the ground and melting, but seriously it keeps them busy for a good 5-10 minutes. And they're cheap.

  2. rainy or hot days - take them to the conc mall - especially to sears auto parts area - start at boscov's and slowly work yer way down to sears...... gets them out for an hour or two ...


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