Sunday, July 28, 2013

Here's my Royal Baby post...

But Mom, all the other bloggers are writing about it...I want to do it toooooooo.

I'm talking about writing the Royal Baby post, of course.

But this is NOT a Royal Baby post.  It's more of a "I was a hot mess and Kate looked great" post or a "I'm pretty certain I was clueless with the infant car seat too even though we had it professionally installed AND they showed me how to buckle my first born in at the hospital" post or a "I couldn't wear my wedding ring for weeks because of my swollen sausage fingers" post.

On my facebook page the day of the "Royal vaginal delivery with no complications" I expressed a little excitement.  I lost half a dozen likes.  Then someone questioned me as to WHY was I excited?  And WHY did I care?  And they wrote more "blah blah blah I am so intelligent and the media hype has struck again" commentary.

But guess what?  I don't know why I was excited.  I haven't a clue why I cared.

All I know is this...I followed very little of Kate's pregnancy.  Then the week before she was due I started googling "royal baby news".  I started to anticipate the birth.  (I, as the mother of three daughters, thought it would be cool if a future Queen were to be born.)  Then the day came.  One of my best friends called me and said, '"I feel like my sister is giving birth."

It was just exciting.  Some pleasant, fun, happy news.  What, HAPPY stuff in the news?  Does that happen?

The next day I saw the little family come out of the Lindo Wing of St. Mary's Hospital.  My daughters watched with on E! News (my go-to news outlet). 

I teared up.

If they are not as cute as a button, then I don't know what the hell is.  Prince William spoke so sweetly.  The Duchess was looking fab with her blow out and little baby bump still showing in all it's glory because that's THE REALITY folks.

I just think they are ADORABLE.

They were so sweet in their blue outfits.  I'm guessing they also packed pink just in case a Princess had been born. 

Kate looked fabulous.  Did you see her legs?!  I wore sweat shorts home from the hospital with my hair slicked back in a ponytail and absolutely NO makeup.  Trust me, if I could have called a team of stylists to the hospital to make me look acceptable, I would have. 

AND she was wearing her wedding ring.  GO GIRL!  I forced mine on to wear to someone's wedding 12 days after my first daughter was born and I paid the price the next day.  I really thought I would have to amputate my ring finger to get that sucker off.

This was me the day after I had my third daughter.  
I kind of think I look almost exactly like Kate here.

Then when we thought the excitement was over...GASP.  Out they came again and we got to see them get in their car and leave.  William was carrying little Prince George (again, ADORABLE) and Kate rode in the back seat like most new moms do.  I know I did with my first.  I think my second sat back there with her older sister.  And I'm pretty sure my third just sat alone with a bottle propped up under her chin to keep her quiet while her two sisters sat in the third row of the van fighting over My Little Pony toys and what movie to watch on the DVD player.

But of course, mere hours after the great reveal, the judgy assholes came out in full effect.  There was criticism over Kate's dress showing off her still clearly visible baby bump.  WTF?!!! She gave birth about 24 hours prior.  People are clueless!

And then the damn criticism over how the new Prince was buckled into his car seat.  What is wrong?  Pretty much.  But WHO CARES???  Leave them alone.  She probably fixed it after getting into the car and out of the view of media and flashing cameras.  I know it took me quite some time to figure it all out.  Now I can talk on the phone, drink my coffee, and fasten my 2 year old in her 5 point harness one handed and blindfolded.  Don't worry Kate,  you'll get there girl.  

So no, I don't have any good reason as to why I was excited or why I cared.  I mean, why do people get excited about the Super Bowl or Harry Potter movies?  Do they really have an impact on your daily life?  NO.  But people get excited nonetheless.

Bottom line is that MILLIONS of people were excited.  And they are adorable.  I wish them nothing but the best.

And now back to our regularly scheduled shady politicians, global warming, athletes who murder, and rising joblessness and poverty.  Sue me if I welcomed the Royal Baby news with open arms...
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  1. I still can't believe that you lost followers. Crazy! I am right there with you. I was glued to the tv for two days straight!! It's just something exciting and something that I can relate too (the child birth, new mom thing. Not being a princess giving birth to a future king thing).

  2. Good riddance to those who left....They just don't understand...there is so much sad in the world...Why not a little happy...Why not a little excitement. God knows there is not enough in the world. We have to take time to focus on the happy...and to reminisce a little too. I know anytime someone has a baby I do.

    Annoymous AKA Chronically sick and sometimes Manic mother who has a long standing disagreement over my existance with blogspot

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