Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Being a Mom is Hard Work. Period.

So I just read an article about someone who stayed home for the week with their children and they realized how hard it was.  Well, that's just shocking.
Seriously? I read these things sometimes and I wonder how people even function with children.  In the article, the woman talked about going to the grocery store with both of her children. GASP.  Lady, get over it.  People do it all the time.  Kids cry and whine...it is not enjoyable but moms get it done. 
She also talked about her son not wanting to eat his lunch. NEWS FLASH...your son will NOT starve to death.  I can assure you.
This is a topic that gets me all hot under the collar.  I think the reason for that is that I would absolutely LOVE to be a stay at home mom.  I worked out of the home as a teacher until my first daughter was over 4 years old and my second daughter was about 10 months old.  Then I decided to stop teaching for a few years and I started a home daycare for teachers (so I would have a similar schedule).  Either way, it is work.  Now, I just work from home. 
No matter which what you slice it, being a mom is hard work.  If you stay home, you don't get a break.  You are with children all the time.  However, if you work out of the home, you still have your kids with you in the evening and on weekends, PLUS you have to find the time to get everything else done.  There is no "I will throw the wash in tomorrow during nap" or "I will run to the store after I drop the kids off at school".  
I am somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. I am home with my kids...but I am HOME.  This is where I work.  There is no break...no running out during the day on my lunch break. 
Some days I wonder what it would be like to drop my daughter off at school.  Since she started preschool over 2 years ago, I have probably taken her to school no more than a dozen times.  I can't imagine dropping her off and taking the other girls to the store, or having the day to putter around the house, or meeting up with friend.  I have my summers to get a little taste if that...and I love it.  We do play dates and swim and "relax" as much as one can with 3 children.
Bottom line, there is no "easy" answer when being a mom.  My friend and I always say that working part time and being home part time is probably the best of both worlds.  But for now, I will continue to work from home.  And you know what, it will be hard work. And so is being a mom who works out of the home...and so is being a stay at home mom.
Being a mom is hard work. PERIOD.
Yet, it is all worth it:)

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