Monday, September 12, 2011

I Need to Step it UP!

Today my 6 year old told me that I need to wear high heels more often.  She was looking in my closet and said, "Why do you always wear flip flops?  You should wear these (holding a high heeled shoe) more."

Maybe she is right.  But then again, do a pair of heels really fit into my day to day life? Let's see....daycare, laundry, dinner, baths...these are all very glamorous I know, but they don't really call for high heels.

So then I began to think that because my day to day life doesn't call for high heels doesn't mean that I should just let them go to waste.  Why don't I dust them off on the rare occasions that I do get out?  The standard "momiform" that I am usually rocking these days needs a break.  I think most of my solid color tees, capris, and flip flops have about had it.  Thank god cooler weather is just around the corner.

So tonight I made a pledge to myself to try to step it up every now and then.  I will put makeup on AND curl my hair...imagine that! I will decide to go with the heels instead of the comfortable, more sensible option.  I will treat myself to a pedicure.  I will buy something for myself and not feel guilty about it.   

Maybe I need to start looking to my 6 year old for direction when it comes to fashion.  After all, she is always looking to me for everything else.

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