Friday, September 23, 2011

Who Is Your "Favorite"?

If you have more than 1 child, which one is your favorite?
Hmmm....that is a bold question, but did one of your children instantly come to mind?

I read an article this morning about parents of more than 1 child having a favorite. I thought it was a very interesting read.  The article said 99% of parents have a favorite and the 1% that don't are lying.
I was pretty shocked...but as I read on, I got a different perspective on the meaning of "favorite"...
It doesn't mean that a parent loves one child more at all.  It just means that parents relate differently to each child.  Each relationship you have with every one of your children is unique.  That is basically human nature.  There might be different aspects of each child's personality that you favor. 
So as I was reading, I realized that I don't necessarily have a favorite...BUT I can pinpoint things about each one of my daughters that I tend to favor.  My oldest has always been very easy to discipline and she is so helpful.  She is "by the books", enthusiastic about everything new, and is a great sidekick for things like shopping.  My second daughter is hilarious.  She makes us laugh everyday...and she is such a talker.  She has a wonderful vocabulary and the cutest personality.  And the baby...well so far, she is so happy and laid back.  She has been a joy since birth.  So you can see that there are things that I relate to and love about each one.  I don't really have a "favorite".  I might have a "favorite" to go shopping with, or a "favorite" to read a book with because of her funny input. 
What I do know for a fact, is that I don't love one more than the other.  The love is all the same...and it doesn't change whether you have 1 child or 3.  I think it is great to recognize the strengths and uniqueness of each child.  It is normal to favor certain things about different people...
I just wanted to comment on this article because I thought it was super interesting.  Please follow the link below to read the article and share your thoughts about this one!!!

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