Thursday, October 27, 2011

Some More Weight Loss Realizations

I am trucking along on this weight loss journey...slow but steady.  Week by week I am seeing some progress.  However, I am also learning things here and there along the way. 

What have I learned?  Well, it is your lucky day.  I will share some of these ground-breaking realizations, revelations, whatever you want to call them, with you.

  1. Fiber one brownies taste pretty good...but they are not, I repeat, not as good as the real thing.
  2. A bowl of lettuce with some low fat dressing is not that filling, but I can convince myself that it is.
  3. One piece of pizza is usually enough, even though I want another one more times than not.
  4. Mayo on a sandwich from Panera Bread can more than double its fat content (WTF!).
  5. A pair of pants can add about a quarter of a pound when you weigh yourself.
  6. Weighing yourself in as little clothes as possible (and as acceptable while in a room with about a dozen other women) is the way to go.
  7. Throwing out my kids leftovers is helpful.  After all, I am not a dog and therefore should not eat people's scraps.
  8. Carbs are not the enemy...excessive amounts of them are.
  9. Its okay to drink beer all day...and just not eat anything.  Maybe just save that for a Saturday though.
  10. My daughters don't care how much weight that I lose (or gain).  It's as simple as not wearing sweats for them to think that I look nice. 
I am sure that the realizations will keep coming and I will be sure to share them.  Stay tuned!

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