Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Time Flies When You're Having Fun

So you know the old saying...time flies!  As much as you may want to slow it down, it's just doesn't seem to happen.
People are always telling me to enjoy my kids when they are young because, well you know, time flies.  I completely agree with this.  But when I sit down and think about it, I truly believe when I look back on this time I will be able to say that I enjoyed it and that I had my fill.  I really have.  When my second daughter was 1 year old, I resigned from teaching and started a home daycare.  This way I could work and also be with my children. 
I am with my 3 year old and the baby all day, sun up to sun in and day out...every morning, every night...okay, you get the picture.  The 3 year old will start preschool soon (that's another post for another day...I'll just say that potty training this one is for the birds!), but I have been with her every day for the past 2 years.  I taught her colors, numbers, shapes, letters...and I have to think that my excessive talking has at least slightly contributed to her large vocabulary.
A few months ago, someone said to my sister-in-law Danielle, "They grow up so fast" (in reference to her sons who are 12 and 14).  Her reply hit the nail right on the head.  She said, "Well, I think it's just about right."  The second she said it was like an awakening to me.  I couldn't agree more.  And I am not a bad mom because I don't want my kids to stay babies forever.  I am not a bad mom because I want a little of the independence that comes with having older children.
I don't want to wish it away.  I cherish every second I get with them.  Every age is my new "favorite" age.  But I look forward to going on vacation with the kids when they are a little older and independent.  I look forward to taking them out to a nice dinner that doesn't involve a menu they can color on.  I look forward to grabbing my purse and heading out the door with them for a day of shopping or running errands and not worrying about forgetting wipes or a bottle or pacifier.  These are things that I look forward to in the future...while also enjoying them in the present.  And I think that it is completely normal.
So when the kids get older and they are arguing with me about driving or going out with friends, I will think back to when they were sweet little babies.  I will miss doubt about that.  But I will also be able to say with 100% certainty that I spent as much time with them as possible and enjoyed every (well, almost every) second.

Do you agree?  Does time go at a snail's pace for you or is it flying by faster than you would like?  Do you, like me, love the time with your kids but look forward to a time of some independence in the future?

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