Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Annoying Facebook Crap

I was thinking about my list of irritating facebook habits and "facebookers" and I had a realization.  I had just skimmed the surface.  There are so many other things that I read on facebook on a daily basis that get a chuckle (and not because it is funny but because I can't believe people actually write that crap), an eye roll (because people are just too freakin annoying for words), and that actually cause me to shut down facebook altogether and call it a day.

Here are some additions to my list from last week.

The abbreviators
Ok, so I am guilty of an occasional LOL or OMG.  But I can honestly say that I did not know what some of those abbreviations meant until just a few months ago. Then I started to think that I can't believe a person would say FML just because they left their coffee on the kitchen counter.  Hey, if you have time to post about it on facebook and complain, you have time to stop into Wawa and grab a new coffee.  Your life is not that terrible.  Oh and you should not use these abbreviations on a daily basis if you are over the age of 17. 

People that have conversations back and forth on their wall
Please, send a personal email or text to your friend.  If what you have to say can not be summed up in 5 comments or less, please call each other or talk about it privately. 

You going tonight?
Not sure. u?
Maybe but had a stomach bug so not feeling 100%
Oh no, was it a bad one?
Yes, puking all night and terrible stomach cramps.
My man had it last sorry love.
It's ok, but if I don't see u can we plan to get together.
YES, when are u free???

And you can see how this could go on forever.  I don't care either way about how you converse with your friends.  But I hate when I get on facebook and my whole news feed is clogged up with this nonsense.  For the love of god, CALL each other and discuss it!!!  Why is facebook your sole form of communication?!

Don't brag of facebook.  If your life is so fabulous, it just is.  Be happy about it.  Do you really have to talk about the 5th luxury vacation you took this year, or the 20th girls night out you have had this month, or the mani/pedi you are in the process of getting because "mommy deserves it after a long week at work and at home and as a parent volunteer at your child's Montessori preschool and as the chairman of the board on any committee that will have you".  Well all moms deserve don't have to say how great you are to make it true.
And by the way, if you have a beautiful house, you don't have to keep posting pictures of it for all the world to see.  I don't post pics of my super average house with too much stuff in it that is busting at the seams with 3 young girls and home daycare.  I wouldn't want anyone to be jealous.

Please repost this
Listen, I do love my daughters.  I don't need to repost that it is national love your daughter day or whatever the shit it is.  I do also think cancer sucks, or that childhood illnesses are horrible, or that service workers such as police officers and fire fighters deserve more pay.  I just don't need to repost a chain post of facebook to declare my support.  And please don't shame me into doing "I guarantee only 10% of my friends will repost this".  Because guess what, I am with the 90%...I will not repost it.  Doesn't mean I don't agree or sympathize.

So there you have it...more things that we could do without when it comes to facebook.  And just let me be clear that these are the things that get on my nerves.  I am not saying that I, myself, am not annoying at times.  I will be the first to own it.  BUT, if we can all try to minimize some of these behaviors, then the world of facebook might be a much happier place.


  1. yeah reposting a cancer awareness message will magically lead to a cure

  2. Found you from "People I want to Punch." Great job at pointing out some of the annoying things found on Facebook.

  3. THANK YOU Found you through "...punch" as well. I love the bragger one.... I swear, you gotta brag that much, you seriously are trying to 1)fool yourself or 2) fool me.


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