Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pros of Having a C-Section

Yes, c-sections are major abdominal surgery.  Recovery is longer and can be painful.  It is not ideal.  No one gets pregnant and thinks, "I really hope I get to have a c-section."  Well, some people do but I think they are usually celebs that can't be bothered with that tricky process of childbirth and not being able to pencil it into their busy schedule.  They need a date to confirm with their assistant that they are available.

So when I was induced with my first daughter, I never thought I would need a c-section.  Turns out I did...and I went on to have 2 more after that.  And guess what folks, it is not that bad.  At least I did not think so. 

Here are some pros to this form of childbirth:

1.  You get an extra day in the hospital.  This might not seem like a perk but when you have other children at home, it might be a welcome break.  I packed for my 3 day "vacay" at the hospital with my 3rd daughter like I was going on a weekend cruise.  I was so ready to come home by day 3, but it sure was relaxing. 

2.  You get better drugs.  Seriously, I didn't use one percocet after leaving the hospital.  They are not for me.  But for some people, this might be a definite plus.  You get an prescription for about 30 when you leave the hospital.  Giddy up.

3.  You can use it as an excuse to avoid housework for about 4 to 6 weeks.
"Oh hon, not sure I can vacuum. Doctors orders."

4.  You can also use it as an excuse for that pesky baby weight that hangs on long after your "baby" is out of diapers. 
"Well,  I did have 3 c-sections.  They basically cut through your stomach muscles so as much as I exercise, I just can't get rid of that belly fat."

5.  In addition, you can avoid exercise altogether for a few months because, as I said, you had major abdominal surgery.

6.  You most likely can choose the day of your delivery.  If the baby doesn't decide to come earlier...then this can work out nicely.  You can line up childcare if you have other children.  I scheduled my 3rd c-section for a Friday.  Just worked out better for us over the weekend.  My water did break but the baby had the decency to wait until the morning of the scheduled c-section to make that happen.  She's so agreeable that way.

7.  You don't have to be in constant fear of the first time you have to go to the bathroom after having your child.  C-sections make that much easier.

So anyone else want to share their pleasant c-section experiences? I would love to hear:)

No horror stories please.

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