Sunday, January 1, 2012

Let's be honest in 2012

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if people were just brutally, blatantly, 100% completely honest.  When I say "honest", I mean the little crap that we tend to keep to ourselves.  I know the old saying, "If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all."  BUT...what if we just forgot about that for a day or so and said whatever we thought? 
Yes, people would be devastated, feelings would be hurt, friendships would be tested and maybe end altogether, but it would probably feel so freeing.  And I know I might have my feelings hurt as well, because let's face it, I am sure people would have things to say to me that I wouldn't like to hear.
So when I was thinking about this concept (which I actually do on a daily basis), some general things came to mind that I could be completely honest about and maybe not offend too many people.

First, I would be honest concerning this blog.  I started it back in the summer on a complete whim.  I read an article about blogging with a link to  I went to it and got started.  I am impulsive.  Always have been.  I got so much feedback in the beginning that I got all into it.  I was getting over 100 views a day (which I thought was pretty good).  I was only working part time in the summer.  I thought I would have so much to write about with 3 kids and a home daycare.  I thought moms would relate and respond.  But as usual with anything that I do impulsively, I have been losing steam.  People are viewing it, problem is I am not posting enough.  I get more than a hundred regular views but only have 12 followers and 75 likes on facebook.  That is just crap.  And it has reached a plateau.  I still like blogging and will probably continue to do so in the hopes that I get more motivated, inspired...and that I get more people reading and sharing my blog with others.  So if you are reading...please share.  Thanks:)

Secondly, to be honest, potty training blows.  This week I was off and I did it.  I potty trained my daughter.  It wasn't that hard at all.  And it shouldn't be because she was 3 in August and was more than ready.  It's not rocket science.  I just needed a period of time with no interruptions so I could focus on potty training her.  She picked it up by day 2 and has been great.  She did have one accident at the park but it was the first time that we were full fledged out without the potty within a few I will accept that.  Just once.  No, honestly, it is fine.  But since I am being honest, accidents are really freakin' annoying. 

Speaking of annoying, facebook is annoying.  I know I use it regularly and I will actually use it to share this post.  But it is so annoying to me that I say I am going to get off of it at least 2 times a week.  Like I just want to delete my whole profile and be done.  I can't take it.  Some people post stuff and I want to say, "shut the hell up" or "who the f cares?"  but I don't.  I will be sitting at home and hop on facebook to find people "checking in" all over the damn place.  People are out at bars and I am in sweats with my hair a hot mess and my glasses on.  Not only are they at bars on Friday, they are again on Saturday...and sometimes a Wednesday.  Hey, it's fine with me.  Good for you.  But if you have kids and you go out at least 2 nights a week...PLEASE, for the love of god, share your secret with me.  How do you get people to watch your kids that often?  I see if you have a party or something specific to do...but I just can't imagine saying, "Hey, can you watch the kids so we can go bar hopping for the hell of it?" 

Finally, I am annoyed by Weight Watchers.  I like it and think the program works.  I have been doing it for months.  Lost 20 lbs prior to Christmas, then took a week off.  Who knows what damage must be undone starting tomorrow.  But I will face the music.  I am just annoyed with them inundating the television with their out of control commercials this week.  I get's a new year and people will be resolving to lose weight.  So they are trying to lure people in with all their ads and offers for free registration...blah blah blah.  But the Jennifer Hudson ads are getting real real old.  She looks great but the one were she is singing with herself is terrible.  I just turn it off as soon as it comes on...and the fact that she looks so great but is getting paid millions to be a spokesperson gets under my skin.  NEWSFLASH, I would look great too if someone was paying me to do it.  But instead, I am paying them to be weighed in and judged each week by someone who lost 18 lbs back in 1988.  And I am sure that she is not judging me, but I sometimes sense a little judgement in her eyes or voice when she tells me that I lost a whopping 8/10 of a pound.  She will say,  "well, that's almost a whole pound."  And I want to say, "Well lady, I turned down cake and had fruit, turned down wine and had water, and ate salad for lunch for 5 damn days in a row...sorry if I want to lose more than 8/10 of a mother f-ing pound."  But I don't say that of course.  Maybe I would if we had that whole day of honesty thing.  I would put that lady right in her place!

So instead of writing about resolutions, I just thought I would get some things of my mind to start the new year.  There you have it....
Hoping everyone has a fabulous, healthy, and happy 2012!!!

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