Monday, July 9, 2012

5 Reasons You Should Read to Your Kids

Before I began my glamorous and illustrious career of being a home day care provider and spending my days making grilled cheese sandwiches, cutting fruit up into bite-sized pieces, and changing over 2 dozen diapers...I was a teacher.  I also got my Master's degree in literacy and reading.  I know it is important to read to your children.  I know this is true.

You probably know it too.

Why is it so important?  I'm about to tell you.

1.  You want your kid to learn how to read, right?  You want them to learn to read and excel at it.  They must do this to be a productive member of  society.  I mean, you can be bad at math or not great at remembering events in U.S. History and still hold down a job.  If they can't read, they might not be able to pass a driver's education class and then they won't be able to drive and you will spend your days and nights driving them everywhere and then they won't get a decent job and then they will live with you forever and you will continue to spend all of your free time doing their laundry and cleaning up their messes until they are well into their 20s or even 30s and then....

You get the idea.

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2.  If you really hit the ground running with your first born, then they will be competent readers and be able to read to your other kids.  This saves you hours of reading the same old tired a%$ book to your toddler and trying to skip pages without them noticing so you can just get to the end.  But you get to the end and they whine, "AGAIN! Read it again."  And reluctantly you flip back to the beginning of The Gingerbread Man and act as surprised as you did the first time you read it and he got eaten by the fox.

Teach your oldest to be a great reader...and you are golden.

Confession #8

I skip pages in my kids’ books to make bedtime to go faster.
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3.  You secretly (or maybe not so secretly) want your kid to be smarter than all the other kids in kindergarden, don't you?  You want to tell everyone, "Oh little Bobby is only 5 and can read chapter books.  His teacher says he is on a 3rd grade level.  He just zoomed through the summer reading list." 

Read to your kid and earn the right to brag your face off.  Other moms will roll their eyes and talk about you behind your back, but you will get the last laugh when little Bobby becomes a plastic surgeon and can give you a free boob lift and Botox.

Maybe, just maybe.

4.  If you read to your child, they will become better readers and be able to read and understand the directions to all the video games and crap that they play.  They won't have to keep calling you over and saying, "What does this say?  What do I do now?  And now what does this say?"

Hell, just teach them the basics like start, continue, end game and you will save yourself a little of the hassle.

So sweet and peaceful.
Oh, and by the way, I am NOT saying kids should play video games all the time. 
So don't get your panties in a bunch.  Everything in moderation...right?

5.  Finally, I don't know about you but it would give me peace of mind if ALL kids could become better readers.  Our future is in their hands.  And I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way...

Wait, I think that sounds familiar.

Okay, so are you convinced now?

Then go read to your kids.  Right this minute.  No wait, you can read to them after you do the following things...
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Great. NOW go enjoy a book with your little one.


  1. I love this. My daughter is a super reader... first day of the summer reading program she was twirling in the elevator up to the children's library "first day of summer reading! first day of summer reading!"

  2. My kids love reading too. Luckily my older ones are now able and usually willing to read to their little brother.

    One day he asked my oldest to read him the same book over and over again, I explained the concept of karma to her, and started reciting one of her favorite books from when she was his age. The Lion King is still burned in my brain.

    1. I feel your pain! Some books can be read without even looking at the words.

  3. Another reason is that its a good excuse to look at all those kids books that it would be embarrassing to be caught with otherwise.

    I was the big sister who read to the younger ones. I read The Lord of the Rings to my little sister when she was in grade school and I was a highschool senior. I think we often make the mistake of not reading to our kids just because they can read themselves. When my daughter was 8 the last Harry Potter book came out. She wasnt quite ready to handle such a large book so I read it out loud to her, a chapter a night till we got near the end and read straight thru the last 3 chapters. The most rewarding part was that my then 12 year old son, who had already read the book, sat and listened most nights. After we finished she went back and read the first 6 books on her own. By 5th grade she was devouring huge series books. I think having a more complex book read to her made a big leap in her reading skills. I know its one of my happiest mom memories.

    1. That's awesome! I really might start reading Harry Potter to my oldest. I read the first two when I taught middle school but that was it. And I really liked I might have to dig them out:)

  4. No way am going to have my son give me a boob lift. I've traumatized him enough! I love doing all the voices when I read to the kids. And Dr. Seyss is a blast! Fox in Sox at warp speed.

    1. LOL! I hear ya. There is no way any of my kids are giving me a boob lift. But maybe they will have a colleage that could do it;)

  5. I'm giving you The Fabulous Blog Ribbon Award! Stop by and pick it up!

  6. Good afternoon! Just stopping by to let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. You are welcome to come on over to my blog and "pick it up" :)

  7. Popped in on the blog hop ... I read to my kids but neither one is a "reader" - go figure.

    Give me a visit some time at

  8. I'm a Nanny so I get paid to read to children. :-) Actually I love to read and have always valued reading and children's books. It's the glue that BONDS, parent and child, caregiver and child.

    Anyway I"m doing my hopping and just hopped on yours - I'm a follower now. Hope you will follow me back. Have a great weekend.

  9. My son started reading at age 3! I wish I could take the credit. He basically taught himself via us reading to him - thus adding credibility to your post! I wish he would also teach himself to stop being a know-it-all by virtue of the fact that he started reading at 3 and thinks his parents are stupid and he's the only one who knows anything. That may very well be the case, but still.

    Found you on the Blog Hop and so glad I did. I signed up to follow via Yahoo. Hope you'll hop by my blog as well and follow my posts about said prodigy, aka Jake.

  10. Great post except that the older sibling things doesn't work. I've tried it. Younger siblings just get mad about not having YOU do it and then older sibling gets resentful about the whole thing. It's a really nice idea though - maybe it works better at your house.
    Another great thing is reading your older kids the books you want to read them, like the Hobbit and The Phantom Tollbooth.

  11. Absolutely agree! My husband can read, but isn't into reading books and I think he is missing out!! Thankfully, my years of skipping pages through bedtime stories means my oldest now curls up into bed with his fave novel and loves it. :)

  12. So spot on. My kid struggles with reading, he has a visual stutter (I didn't know that was a thing either). I still read to him sometimes, and I know it helps! Keep up the good work!

    I nominated you for the Sunshine Bloggers Award. If you'd like to participate, please check out your nomination here :

    Thanks for the great reads, I'm so glad to have found you!

  13. Great message. My older ones do read to my younger ones, when the younger ones will sit still... lol

    heya... I nominated you... again lol:


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