Monday, July 16, 2012

Should I celebrate...or cry? Or maybe both?

Today we took down the crib.  The crib that we have used for the last 7 + years, for all three girls.

We did not put in away neatly into the attic.  We did not move it into another room to use it again at a later date.   What we did do was put it outside to take it to the dump.  To discard it and NEVER use it again.

Should I celebrate this little milestone?  Part of me is overjoyed that we never have to use that thing again.  Actually, I would say a good 75% of me feels that way.  Totally relieved and excited. 

WOOHOO!!! No more crib!


That little 25% of me is crushed.  That part of me is sad.  So sad that I will never use that crib again. 

Here.  Get a tissue and watch this.  This is how I am feeling.

I'll get over it.  I know that by tomorrow the crib will be far from my memory.  Tomorrow when the kids are fighting and calling me every two minutes and 20 seconds for a snack.  Tomorrow when the kids are whining.  Tomorrow when I am changing a diaper.  Tomorrow, I will be thankful that we don't need a crib ever again.

Times they are a'changin'.  You can say that again.  Okay.  Times they are a'changin'.

We don't have a crib in this house anymore.  We don't use bottles or baby food in this house anymore.  Only 1 out of 3 kids still wears a diaper.  Only 1 out of 3 kids even takes a nap these days (yes, that is something to REALLY cry about).

Wow.  How did that happen so quickly?

I am sure that is something that I will ask myself quite often in the years to come.  God willing.


  1. We got rid of our crib about a month ago....3 kids later...I still don't know how to feel about it....I am heartbroken, but at the same time as being called and needed every second of every day I think I can't do another kid....yet I still do not feel ok with being done with this stage of life.

  2. Been there, sista. Every time I get rid of something, I feel sad that my kids are growing out of something else. That said, cribs are a pain in the ass. Changing crib sheets? Bleh, who needs that?

  3. Cheers to mamahood ;-) its all bittersweet experience.. prepare your tears and prepare your laughter every turning point..

  4. We got rid of our crib about a month ago (after 8 years and 3 kids). Little Man - the last occupant was excited to see it get chomped up by the garbage truck and I was excited to see it go too. I see it as a sign of new beginnings.

  5. That sounds a lot like our house. We also have three kids and one in diapers and the realization that this is gonna be it is bitter sweet. I'm excited to be able to watch my kids grow but time flies by too quickly!


  6. Stopping by from the Blog Hop! I know what you mean; when we decided we weren't having any more kids and I cleaned out the attic of the baby items, I cried a little. We're working on potty training now and I am so glad not to have any more diapers to change.


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