Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some Unintended Consequences of Disney Movies

Next week, we leave for Disney World.

We are pretty excited.  The kids are VERY excited.  It is my 7 year old's 4th time there.  She is a veteran.  But my middle will be 4 next month and I am looking forward to how much she will love it this time.

As you know, I have 3 girls.  The two oldest really love all the Disney movies.  They have their favorites, but they have never NOT liked a Disney movie that they have seen.  Unfortunately, there have been some unintended consequences...or lessons, if you will, that have come from watching many of these movies. 

What are they?  What could come from watching a harmless children's movie?  Hmmmm, let me see.

1.  Girls want to marry princes.
Yep, lesson numero uno. Sorry girls, NOT going to happen.

2.  It's perfectly acceptable to walk around in a bikini top in your day to day life.
Jasmine and Ariel did it.  It's fine, right?  Um NO, sorry.  Again, this is NOT going to happen. 

3.  People die.
Long before we ever had a conversation about this with our kids, they watched Sleeping Beauty.  Next thing I knew, Barbies were dying left and right.

4.  A kiss can bring you back to life.
Unless by "kiss", you mean mouth to mouth and CPR, then you will be pretty disappointed to discover that a kiss, in fact, will not work. 

5.  Apples might be poisonous.
Good one, Disney.  Thanks for that.  Now my girls have a funny little excuse that they can use.  "Oh no, can't eat that apple.  I am too scared."

6.  Wild animals are your friends and can be trusted.
No, animals in the wilderness are not your friends.  They will not, I repeat, will NOT make cakes for you, sew dresses for you, or lead you to shelter if you are lost.  And they don't talk.  Do me a favor and just steer clear of wild animals, alrighty?

7.  Your hair will always look like perfection.
Even if you are swimming for years in the ocean, running from a murderous queen or witch, or living in the wild without any grooming tools, you hair can look fabulous.  I can't even get through the day with my hair in tact.  Totally unrealistic.

8.  It's okay to never speak.  Guys will still notice you.
I mean, Ariel thinks Eric will fall in love with her just by batting her big eyes at him and smiling.  Tinkerbell flys around being super protective of Peter Pan but only communicates with him by lighting up or storming off when she is mad. 

9.  Stepmoms and stepsisters are mean.
I guess this could be true sometimes...but generally, that is not the deal.  Please, Disney, cut that crap out.  Dads don't always die and leave behind their only daughter for an evil stepmom to raise as their servant.

10.  Everyone has a beautiful singing voice.
All women can sing and should do so ALL DAY LONG?  I know when I walk around singing, my kids beg me to stop.  Why can all these gals sing?  It makes the rest of us look bad.

So, do you have any other "lessons" that could be learned from these movies?  Please share.

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  1. I have always contended that Disney movies are the WORST examples for kids! They are so dark and demented, maybe it is just because the kids do not see what we do as parents?

  2. I totally agree with everything I have read here, but sadly it isn't just Disney anymore. It seems that all of these new kid movies are geared towards adults as well. We catch the little comments, and other things that the children don't. I have always said that Disney gives kids (girls) the wrong impression of the way life and love really are.

  3. maybe the Disney princesses aren't the best role models?? Will have to go look for some healthier influences, like the Bratz dolls or something! ;)


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