Friday, August 31, 2012

Wait...YOU are embarassed by MY hair?

What's the title have to do with this post?  I will get to that soon.

Let's face it.  Most kids are awkward and not so cute during those tween years.  If you are 12 and still super cute, then you are one of the lucky ones.  Seriously.

What happens around these tween years is that kids start to lose their baby face.  They have lost their baby teeth.  BIG OLD ADULT chompers come in and look way to large for their still smallish head/body.  It's plain awkward...and we all know it.

Then it's time for braces.  And nowadays, it seems like almost every kid gets braces.  I had them.  For 4 years...4 looooonnnnng years.

Tweens also have very little clue about styling products or proper makeup application.
It's a big mess.

I can prove it.

ME...when I was in 8th grade.

So now I will tell you what the title of this post is referring to.

When I was in 6th or 7th grade, not sure which one, I went to a Science Fair at my school with my mom.  She had a fresh perm.  It was the very early 90s.  I said to her (yes, this is true...sweet, innocent me),  "I don't want you to walk around with me with your hair looking like that."  No, I didn't just lie and say that the perm looked fine or just keep it to myself.  I actually told her that I didn't want to be seen with her.

I don't remember what her response was but she probably just ignored me.  Now look back at the picture of me. 

She ignored my comment. 

I don't think I could have ignored that.  I hope so...but I am not sure.  Looking at my unattractive 13 year old self, I could think of about a dozen comments that I would have said to myself.

Wait, you are embarrassed by my hair?  Ummmm.  That makes sense.

And really, did you run out of the Vidal Sassoon?  What is going on with those curls/frizz?

P.S. The Flex shampoo and conditioner is not working for your hair type. 

Oh, and the teeth.  Good luck with them.

How about I stop paying for your braces, Snaggletooth.

And you know all those cardigan sweater sets/turtlenecks you like?  How about I stop buying them too?

Honestly, how rude was I?

But it's all good.  Karma is a bitch.  I have been blessed with three daughters that tell me stuff like this all the time.  So far, I have been told that my clothes are not fancy enough and that I look like a man (my 4 year old just came up with that gem the other day).  And I have been able to keep my cool.  Problem is, they are still young and cute.

Please God, give me the strength to bite my tongue during those tween years. 

Or give me the money to pay for the therapy bills. 


  1. "Nice Comment"... That was wonderful. I frequently apologize (at 49) to my parents for my teen years. Still.

    1. haha!!! I know...I just keep telling myself that I will get my payback, I'm sure:)

  2. Still illegal to sell the kids on eBay, right?


  3. This is why we drink. The end. I think you looked DOPE.

  4. Replies
    1. I hate her too. Unless it is someone that deserves to be bit in the ass by Karma. Then I love her!

  5. I think you looked cute in 8th grade. Not that I should be giving fashion advice. My mom had a few of those perms when I was a kid too. Perms were all the rage back then...haha!

  6. I love this post - good luck biting your tongue because Karma is a bitch. It's an 11 year old female offspring..It really is...I have another tween due for braces early next year - and HE straightens his hair. Yes HE. Just keep on blogging - cheaper than therapy and/or pills and alcohol!!

  7. I'll be lucky if my kids let me leave the house once they're in middle school. They're already embarrassed of me.

  8. Too funny. I have a Jr high picture a lot like this with the perm and all. Ah the 90's.

  9. So very true. Today I actually got out of my PJ's, did my hair, slapped on some makeup and my 12 year old son with glasses and braces was still embarrassed of me at school. Visiting from Kelly's Break Room.

  10. Awesome... my kids do the same. I remember having a full out fit in about the second grade because my mom showed up at school with a pixie cut. I embarrassed the hell out of her crying on the floor saying you aren't my mom you are a boy... I will never live that down ever...

  11. I tell my teen daughters that my goal in life is to embarrass them. It just cuts to the chase. One of my favorites is asking if they need that Preparation H while at Wal-Mart. Loudly. Very loudly. Love your Blog!


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