Friday, May 24, 2013

Give Me 5 for Friday: Toddler Mysteries

There are some things that I will NEVER understand about toddlers.  Their actions are usually irrational.  Their moods can change in an instant...over ANYTHING.  Most of the time they make simple tasks extremely more difficult than they need be.

Their little brains are a mystery.

For today's Give me 5 for Friday, I will be discussing 5 toddler mysteries...

1.  They can't seem to cooperate for a family picture.  It is apparently way too much to ask for a smile that would take 4 seconds out of their busy snack filled, game playing, song singing day.  A photo shoot that could be done in minutes turns into over an hour of crying, sweating, and threats (on my part).

Case and point.

2.  They can NEVER make up their minds.  Those little buggers are an indecisive, fickle bunch.

You want a blue freeze pop?
*Give blue freeze pop.  Cue tantrum.
What's wrong?
Red feeze pop!!!!

3.  They can turn on a dime.  Everything can be sunshine and butterflies one moment.  Then their waffle isn't done at the exact second that they decide it should be (you know how long those pesky toasters take...sometimes a whole 90 seconds!), you run out of string cheese (my 2 year old is addicted), or heaven forbid you are walking out the door (already running late) and you try to put their shoes on.  Why are shoes such an inconvenience? 

4.  They refuse sleep or want to sleep in the most UNCOMFORTABLE places.  This may be one of the biggest head-scratching mysteries to me.  For the life of me, I will never understand the refusing to sleep.  Who doesn't want to take a damn nap? 
Then my 2 year old sometimes does this fun little thing where she wakes up at 3 am and wants to go sleep on the sofa.  Why would she want to leave the comfort of the bed and sleep on the sofa?  Maybe it's because she also requests a snack at this time...which I usually indulge because I can't risk her waking up the other girls.  So it might be kind of fun for a kid to lounge on the sofa with cheese puffs at 3 in the morning.  It's certainly not my idea of fun though.

5.  Finally, they have no respect for...basically anything.
 No respect for themselves...
 or the furniture...
or their clothing...

I am telling you all right now, I will NEVER figure out toddlers...and I am working on raising my 3rd one.  They will forever remain a mystery to me.

But what is no mystery is why God made them so cute and adorable. 

It was so they could make it through toddlerhood in one piece.

I mean, seriously...who could stay mad at this?!!!  Even if she is refusing to let you take a picture and running away towards a busy street. 
alt text

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