Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Make Extra Money from Home!

There have been MANY times when I wanted to find a legit way to make extra money from home.

I already belong to a few sites where you can earn extra cash for things like going through them when online shopping.  For example, Ebates is awesome!  You can join and check it out for yourself.  Use this email as a reference if you do: ktmanley04@aol.com

BUT...after reading about another site called Zip Nada Zilch on a blog that I follow, I realized that there are other ways to earn extra money.  I dragged my feet for over a month when it came to signing up on this site.  Then when I did, I realized how easy it was! 

Here is all you do:

1.  Follow my link to sign up.  Make sure you sign up completely.  Select the way you want to get paid, because yes, you will get paid!  I chose PayPal because that is the easiest, fastest way.

2.  Complete only ONE offer (The offers are simple! I did a free offer and as long as I remember to cancel within the time period, it doesn't cost me a penny.)

3.  Once you complete only ONE offer, you can then use the referral link they gave you to refer other friends.

4.  For each person you refer, you get $20 via PayPal. 

It's as simple as that!!!! So easy and they pay you right away!

Of course, you are not going to be rolling in the dough.  But it's extra money for groceries, a night out, or maybe a new outfit (for you, not the kids!!!).

You can get started right NOW by following this link!

alt text


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