Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Look at Some Children's Christmas Classics

During the summer I discussed some children's television programs and wondered WTF was up with them.  You can check out those posts here if you want to refresh your memory:

As of late, I have found myself equally as dumbfounded when watching some children's Christmas classics. 

First, let me discuss Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer...
A true classic...I will give it that.  BUT Santa is just mean in this one.  He is so judgemental and prejudiced against poor little Rudolph about his nose.  But when he needs something...who comes crawling and begging? Yes, good old Santa. And Rudolph's dad is cruel too.  Why would a father think that using mud to cover something up on a child's face is a good idea.  But they are reindeer, so who knows.
The elves are mean as well.  Since when is becoming a dentist worse than working in a toy factory.  Uhhhh, never.  They are all just MEAN.  I love it though...but just have been noticing how vicious and ruthless the characters are in this one.

Next is Frosty the Snowman...
This is another cute one but if you watch and pay attention, you will notice that none of the kids have pants on.  They have coats, hats, mittens, etc...but no pants.  Why is that necessary?  Also, the little girl hops on the freight train with Frosty. That is just a bad message to send.  Sure, go with someone that you have just met and hop on a one way train heading to god knows where.  He seems sweet enough.  Jesus! Not acceptable.  And that magician.  His skin is so yellow.  He either has hepatitis or is in liver failure.  Terrible.

Then Frosty Returns...
I won't even give this the time of day.  It is like the creators/writers sat down and knocked this one out in about 30 minutes.  It is downright awful.  Couldn't they have thought of a better villain than an old man who found a way to melt massive amounts of snow using an aerosol can?  And I love John Goodman...but he is the voice of the snowman in this one and I feel like he is so irritating for some reason.

Even though some of these "classics" may be a little questionable, ridiculous, whatever you want to call them, I am sure my children will continue to watch and love them for years to come.  And I guess that means I will too...yay for me.

What about you? Are there any "classics" (I use this term loosely) that you love??? Please share.  And feel free to share your critiques as well:)

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