Monday, February 20, 2012

College Prep or Preschool? WTF.

I thought I was doing good.  I really did.  But just when I think so, something happens to make me realize that I am clueless as usual.

My daughter turned 3 back in August and she was difficult to potty train.  Maybe not "difficult" but she is super stubborn.  She wasn't into it at all and NOTHING I said or did helped.  She didn't give a crap about sticker charts or M & M rewards for using the potty.  Actually, I could tell that she was appalled that I was offering was one little crappy M & M.  Clearly, she was not going to accept less than a dozen candies in a small bowl (because she always wants everything in a bowl).  She didn't want to go to the store and pick out underwear.  NOTHING got her motivated.

So the day after Christmas I just said, "This is it.  I have given you enough time.  You are ready."  And she was.  2 days later we were good to go.  What a relief.

FINALLY she was ready to start preschool.  This is where it gets tricky and I started to feel more and more like a bad mom whose child was destined for a life of mediocre grades at best and no real head start in her education all because of my poor planning.

I was at a birthday party with my oldest and I nonchalantly mentioned that I was looking at a few preschools to another parent.  She looked at me and said, "Well if you want her to go to such and such a preschool, you should have registered like is so hard to get in there."  Ok, so that one is out.  I am not into ultra-competitive shit for 3 year olds...really, I am not.  Then she said, "And have you toured such and such preschool lately?  I hope they updated it.  UGHH.  It seemed so rundown."  I mentioned that I knew someone who sent their child there and they loved it.  Her response was an eye roll and half ass smile.  Then the 3rd school I mentioned got a little bit of a warm response and she told me that she had some heard good things about it. 

What the hell is going on here?  Hey, she is just 3 freakin' years old.  It is not like we are ready to go check out college campuses.  I am not keeping her home with me when she should be at school knee deep in AP Calculus.  IT IS PRESCHOOL.

So to keep it easy, we sent her right up to the preschool that my older daughter went to.  She loves it and it's close.  She's happy with it.  We are happy with it.  So far so good. 

After the reaction that I got from the parent at the party, I was sure that I had put my 3 year old's academic future in jeopardy.  I was all set to sign her up for soccer and cross my fingers.  Colleges give soccer scholarships, right?

But I think she will be alright.  She's a smart one and quite a character. 

However, a soccer scholarship would be the icing on the cake. 


  1. I hate "those" kinds of parents. I sent my son to the cheapest preschool I could find. He loved it and he is in first grade now and he is just fine. At 3 they should be in preschool to have fun and learn to play with other kids and maybe learn a few basics, not to be overachieving, like their parents.

  2. sign her up for soccer and cross your fingers! Love it! hahaha

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