Friday, February 10, 2012

When It's Time to "Defriend"

It's another facebook post!  Everyone seemed to enjoy the last one, so I thought, "what the heck".

I have a few friends that clean out their facebook accounts from time to time.  I have never done this but I think that it's a great idea.  No use hanging on to the dead weight.

Here are some guidelines, if you will, for defriending:

1.  If you see someone out in public and they don't acknowledge you, DEFRIEND.

2.  On that note, if you see someone and you don't really want to acknowledge them, go ahead and delete 'em.  Why string them along?  It's not you, it's me.  No, it really is you.

3.  If their constant posts about their day to day, minute by minute "fiascos" are enough to make you want to put hot pokers in your eyes, then it's time to say "ADIOS".

Funny Friendship Ecard: Wow, I can't believe how busy you are...posting about every detail of your day on facebook.

4.  If they have over 1000 personal friends then they won't give a crap about losing you, go ahead and bow out of that party gracefully.  (And by gracefully I mean delete them, don't say a thing, and hope they never notice.)

5.  If every profile pic consists of a self portrait with that horrid "kissy face", that would be enough for me to walk away. 

6.  If they "over like" or NEVER like a damn thing you say, post, share...buh-bye.

7.  If you would never be friends or friendly with that person in "real life", why would you be friends with them in your "cyber life"?
Funny Friendship Ecard: Let's be clear. We are only 'friends' on facebook, not in real life. Got it?

8.  If it becomes obvious that they are stalking you (ie. showing up where you are, consistently commenting on posts on your wall that are not meant for them, etc.), it is time to cautiously defriend.  I say cautiously because you never know what those facebook creepers and stalkers are capable of.  They might go all Single White Female on you.

Funny Confession Ecard: Facebook being down all day has really set back my internet stalking by at least 6 hours.

So if you think that it might be time to clean house, hopefully these guidelines can help you out.  Good luck.


  1. I've experienced all of these. I call this "Taking out the garbage", which I have to do on a regular basis. The worst are the dumbasses that ignore you when they see you at Target and yet they write "cute" on your kids ballet picture. I forgot, we are only Facebook friends. Facebook world is more important than real world.

  2. I love that..."taking out the garbage"!


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