Saturday, February 4, 2012

Finally, My Dyson Gets the Respect It Deserves

Last year, I bought the Dyson Animal (DC25).  My other not to be named by brand crappy ass vacuum exploded in my hand.  Well, the cord basically exploded.  Maybe not "exploded",  but it definitely created a spark, blew through the cord, and turned my hand black.

I had to immediately get a new vacuum that very day because 1.  I am extremely impatient and impulsive, 2. I have a St. Bernard and 3 children, and 3.  I have a home daycare.  I vacuum at least 1 to 2 times a day.  It was necessary.  Now, was the $400 Dyson necessary?  I thought so.  It is the one household appliance, besides our Keurig, that we use daily.  I felt as though I deserved that vacuum. I was the one using it everyday.  If nothing else, I could have a "luxury" vacuum (so sad that this is what it has come to).

My husband was not sold on it but it was on sale and we got a GREAT deal...saving almost 25%.

I got home and immediately opened it to test it out.  I had heard SO MANY wonderful things about it.  People had said it changed their lives.  Now here is where the problem started I think.  Why did I actually expect a vacuum to change my life? Pathetic.

I vacuumed the entire first floor.  I tried out all the tools.  I vacuumed the cushions on my couch.  I got in all the corners of the rooms.  I did it all.

And to be completely honest, I wasn't blown away.  I could never, however, admit this to my husband.  It was my idea to go get this thing.  I had to act like it was the best. thing. ever.

Over time, I did begin to realize that it worked very well.  As long as it was cleaned out, it did not lose suction (that dude was right).  It sucked up all the hair on the carpet and did a great job on the hardwoods.  I think I just had such high, unrealistic expectations.  It is a damn vacuum cleaner.  WTF was I expecting?

So last week the brush head would stop turning occasionally.  I begin to lose my shit.  I was pissed.  It had been only a year.  Immediately, true to form, I began to overreact.  I was googling all this crap about why it stop working.  If I had the proper tools, I would have taken it apart.  Thank god I didn't, that would have voided the warranty.

So after cursing the day I went and bought this freakin' thing that lasted no longer than the $150 piece of shit I had bought 2 years ago,  I calmed myself with my 3rd cup of coffee and dialed the Dyson customer service line.

The women that answered was as sweet as pie.  After helping me reset the vacuum (which did nothing to resolve the problem), she informed me that they would send out a new brush head.  She then said she was going to faint and that her "pressure was up".  After a brief hold, she came back, still short of breath but back to business (she deserves to be employee of the month).

Long story short (which is basically a joke because I have already made this story much longer than necessary), this was on Tuesday.  I got the new part yesterday.  The vacuum is as good as new.

So approximately 1 year from the day I purchased my Dyson, it finally proves to be worth every penny.  I can definitely recommend this and mean it now.  In our house, the Dyson finally is getting the respect it deserves.

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  1. I have a Bissell that I bought for $40 at Walmart 5 years ago, yes that is 5 years ago. I love it, I have two kids and several animals and vacuum at leat once a day, sometimes 4 or 5. I had tried many other vacuums and learned one this. The bagless kinds suck (or rather don't suck). To have a good vacuum you need the kind with a bag. Just my 2 cents.


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