Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Get Over Yourself, Barbie

This year (and maybe last year too), my girls asked for the Barbie Dream House for Christmas.  My 7 year old really wants it.  Bad.  Lucky for her I had NO IDEA what to get them as their "big gift" from Santa.  So they are getting this little gem to share.  I can already see the problems with this...but that's a different post for a different day.

I am going to be honest with you.  I wanted the Dream House when I was younger.  Did I get it?  NO.  I had a few lucky friends with it and I was seething with envy.  One friend in my neighborhood had all the  hottest Barbie stuff PLUS the whole Sylvanian Families set (do you remember that? So awesome.)  So maybe my girls should really be thanking my parents for denying me a slice of the dream.  As soon as I decided to go ahead with this purchase, I began dreaming of all the fun that I my girls would have playing with it.  We They would most certainly find hours of enjoyment doing things such as rearranging the furniture, having their barbies ride the elevator, and hosting late night get togethers at the rooftop hot tub.

My husband wasn't on board at first.  It comes with 55 pieces and is 3 feet tall.  But I assured him that there is the perfect spot in their room to store this little piece of luxury property.

The more that I look at it, the more excited I become.  But there are some things I must point out.

Barbie needs to get over herself. 

Is this one bedroom, one bath house really a "dream house"?  There is little to no counter space in the kitchen.  The bedroom is barely large enough to fit the canopy style twin bed.  Is an elevator necessary?  Maybe it is.  I guess most 3 story town homes have elevators that can barely fit a single person.  Don't they? 

Although I am so excited to play with watch my girls play with this and be so elated about their Barbies' new crib that they forget to fight with each other for a few blissful hours, I'm calling bullsh*t on Barbie.  The Dream House could be more appropriately be named Barbie's Starter House or Barbie's "I'm so broke from my payment on my Ferrari Convertible" House. 

But then again if it makes the girls happy and brings me some heavenly peace and quiet, then maybe it really is a Dream House.

There it is.  Living the dream.

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  1. That looks EXACTLY like the Barbie Dream House I had when I was a kid!! A little nicer and more "modern" but the exact same design and layout =) SO AWESOME. I bet your daughters LOVE IT <3

  2. I don't remember ever being that into Barbie as a child although I had one daughter who was but she never got the dream house thought she would only break it or something so wouldn't spend that much money yeah I know cheapsake so shoot

  3. I didn't have one either. And my girls have gotten the knock off versions and never really used them for more than BArbie storage, which totally pissed me off and made my OCD kick into overdrive.

  4. This post is friggin awesome! I had the barbie dreamhouse. I'm not bragging, of course. I also had a brother who liked to cut all of my barbies hair off too so little miss that lived in the dreamhouse was butt-ugly. At least she had something going for her! You crack me up! Just thought I would swing by and catch up on some reading! Well done!

  5. Barbie's Starter House - Bahahahahahahaha awesome! I mean, is there even a walk in closet for all her shit? Clearly she is short sighted. And, can you imagine how many times her kids would "lock" each other in the elevator? She should really rethink her dream home.
    Tracy @ Momaical

  6. You just walked me down memory lane. I had one and I LOVED it. I hope you(r kids) enjoy it as much as I did!!

    1. I had one as a kid. But mine was a lot uglier. It was orange and yellow and didn't have an elevator but it did come with gorgeous 70s striped furniture. My parents used to complain about that house being the worst toy ever to put together.|0;d|TJCdj1guvPE0wM:

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