Sunday, December 30, 2012

Seven Resolutions I Can Keep

I am not big on making New Year's Resolutions.  I know that I most likely will not keep any of them...even if I have the best of intentions. 

So this year, I thought I could compile a list of resolutions that I CAN keep.

1.  Do NOT get any fatter.
I could go with the good old "lose weight" thing.  And sure, I would LOVE to lose 20 lbs in 2013.  But if I simply try to NOT get any fatter than I am now, I might just be successful.

2.  Stick to drinking only beer and wine.
Again, I could try to say I will drink less...but if I just stay away from the hard stuff and sip on a glass of wine or a cold beer from time to time, it's all good.

3.  Find a few good recipes and perfect them.
I would really like to cook more, but truth is that I'm not that great at it.  So maybe I could find a few good meals that I can cook and put them in heavy rotation.

4.  Decrease monthly trips to Target by 25%.
In general, we need to spend less and save more.  BUT...the root of the problem is my home away from home, Target.  So if I go 3 times a month instead of 4, then we are looking at $100 or more in monthly savings.  Cha-ching.

5.  Clean less.
Now you might look at this one and ask how I could clean less.  I was thinking that too.  But when I clean, the house is usually torn to shreds within an hour.  If I learn to become one with the mess, it might decrease stress. 
OR....I said that I would just clean less.  That doesn't mean someone else can't do the cleaning for me.  Like maybe a cleaning lady.  Or the kids (see #6).

6.  Assign more chores.
To go along with the cleaning less resolution, I think it's time that my kids learn to be responsible for certain things.  They are old enough to clean their room, make their bed, wipe the counters or sink, and even vacuum.  This resolution is a 2 for 1 deal.  I can be successful at both assigning chores AND cleaning less.  Jackpot.

7.  Do NOT get any fatter.
I just threw that in again for good measure. 

So what about you?  Do you have any resolutions that you know you actually could keep?  Please share!!!

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  1. I love your resolutions!! They aren't lofty goals which you will forget after the first 3 weeks. They are realistic and easy to follow. I'm going to take yours and make them my own. Thanks for making things easy for me, Katie! :)

  2. i think i could share all of those same resolutions with you! ;)

  3. I don't know if it's possible for me to clean any less than I do now!

    It would be nice if my kids could do some of it, though!

  4. OMG katie I laughed so hard at the fact you wrote Do not get fatter once - then I read it a second time on there and almost peed myself.

    I think one of my resolutions would be try make a better effort at controlling my bladder.
    Happy new year!

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