Friday, January 25, 2013

Give Me 5 for Friday: 5 Ways Working from Home Can Make You Hate Your House

Working from home has perks.  It really does.  You don't have to drive anywhere and your job comes to you.

BUT...there are some undesirable side effects. I like to call these "I work from home and now I hate my house" effects.  (Oh, and don't get all judgy on me and think I'm complaining.  Because I kinda am.  Sometimes I am hateful about it...but I am also equally as grateful that I have been able to successfully work from home these past four years.)

So anyway, how does this happen?  You make the choice to work from home and convince yourself that it will be wonderful.  And maybe it is.  Sometimes. 

For Give Me 5 for Friday, here are 5 ways working from home can make you hate, be disgusted by, or loathe your house.  Yes, those are some strong words.  But sometimes those are the only words to describe it.

1.  You can run or hide from the mess.
"There's nowhere to run to baby, nowhere to hide."
The mess is there.  Everyday.  Staring you down.  Taunting you.  The dishes in the sink, the laundry piled up, and the crumbs on the floor are just there.  You can't go to work and try to push the image of the mess back into the little corner of your mind that your reserve for such things.  You can't keep your desk neat and tidy and protect the image that you have it all together, when in fact you are a hot mess. 
2.  The four walls close in on after day.
The four walls of your home may start to suffocate you.  They close in on you and you feel like a prisoner.  There are days that you might want to run out of the front door...and never look back.

3.  You notice things that you may not otherwise notice.
In the bright sunshine of a Monday morning, you may see rooms of your house in a different light.  In the rays beaming through the window, you see dust floating in the air.  You see fingerprints, smudges, and dirt.  (Damn, I am really focusing on this whole mess thing.  You must all think my house is filthy by this point.) You also see projects that need to be done that very well may NEVER get done. 

4.  You are isolated.
Many days, you are isolated in your home.  For me, I am surrounded by 6 children under the age of 4.  But it can be isolating.  There are no adult coworkers.  It can get lonely...and being at home gets old.  This leads me to #5.

5.  Your home is work, Work is your home.
That's it.  Your house becomes both "home" and "work".  How would you feel to sleep, eat, and live at your workplace?  When I was teaching, I know I wouldn't like to eat all meals in my classroom and then sleep there each night.  I needed a break from that place.  Even staying late for things like open house and then returning 12 hours later for work was tedious.  So both working and living at home can get very, very, very tiresome. 

Again, I am grateful that I have been able to successfully run a daycare from my home.  But a girl can vent every now and then.  Working from home ain't all it's cracked up to be.  Actually, is it even cracked up to be anything great?  Not sure.  But if it is supposed to be great, then that's not always the case.  You see what I am saying here?  I hope so.  Because I am now confused.  I need a drink.  Good thing the weekend is almost here.

Thanks for stopping by and have a FABULOUS weekend!!!!

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