Wednesday, January 9, 2013

I'm an Equal Opportunity Eater

One of my New Year's resolutions that I can actually keep was to "NOT get any fatter".  I think I can really  follow through on this one.

Basically I am at the pinnacle of my weight gain.  I should not really be at risk of gaining any more weight...since I eat whatever the hell I want anyway.  And you can bet your bottom dollar that I won't EVER gain weight due to pregnancy again.  So things can only go down from here...and by down, I mean my weight.

I am thinking that I need to sign up for some 5ks and that might force me to get back into running consistently...not just the once every other week routine I have fallen into over the past month. 

Here's the problem. 

I am an equal opportunity eater. 

I can eat the hell out of a salad.  I love salads...even with a nice low cal dressing.  I love vegetables.  I love lean meats and seafood.  I eat oatmeal every weekday morning.  I love fruit. 

BUT I also like a nice fatty burger dripping in cheese.  I like fries.  I like to order take out. 

I love broccoli.  I also like deep fried broccoli dipped in full fat ranch dressing.

I like steamed veggies.  But if I go out to a restaurant, which is a rare treat, I sure as hell am not substituting my fries for veggies.  No way. 

I like a wheat tortilla stuffed with chicken breast and vegetables.  But I also like a mystery meat beef Meximelt from Taco Bell with a side of Nachos Belle Grande.  Damn, I haven't ran for the border in I am going to be thinking about that.

You see, I don't discriminate.  Call it a character flaw.  Or a gift.

So like the good old "W squared" (Weight Watchers) taught me...and Jessica Simpson...all in moderation.

Yes, some things do taste that good.
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  1. I am so relating to this. I'm at my fattest in a year. And i was ready to start, and got a cold, and now my period. This has meant ordering takeout or getting random quick things, and getting fatter. I have high hopes for Monday.

  2. I am working out like I'm training for the Olympics. Merely to combat my intake of food. I didn't eat dessert on Monday night. And I sat around all night waiting for a medal or a trophy. When none came, I felt jipped. Which is why I resumed eating dessert last night. And continued tonight. Hence the hill run I have planned for tomorrow morning. Good times.

  3. Guess we have to take the good (dessert) only if we also take the bad (working out like a mofo).

  4. I can relate. What's worse is I got a Depo shot before Thanksgiving and i've blown up like a balloon. 15 lb weight gain in a month and a half. Ick! After I get this crap out of my system i'm really hoping I can shed some weight!

  5. Lots of things taste as good as skinny feels! ;) The running again thing sounds good. I wouldn't know, personally, but it sounds good :)

  6. I am totally a "no discrimination eater" too! Cute post! Glad I found you through twitter feed. :) SO nice to meet you!


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