Sunday, January 20, 2013

Time flies...and now I have KIDS

Before I had children, I knew I wanted them.  I pictured myself with a cute little baby.  See, I said baby.  I didn't picture myself with a kid...that's not how it works when you are just starting a family.  You imagine a precious little cooing baby.  And that's where you get sucked in.

Now I am a parent to kids

One in 2nd grade who fights with me over what seems like every little thing.  And she fights even more with her little sister.  But she is also sweet and kind.  She is learning SO MUCH.  She reads and reads and reads.  Just last week, she had the biggest jump in the 2nd grade on her midyear reading benchmark test.  And she has tons of friends.  They call to have play dates, they have secret handshakes, and they write notes to each other.  It's just the beginning.

Then my middle daughter is in preschool.  She will start Kindergarten next year and I truly hope the school is prepared for her.  What a different child she is.  She is adorable and funny and outspoken.  She does her own thing.  Everyone says that she is the typical "middle child".  But I tell her that she is lucky to be in the middle...because she is the only one who is both a big sister and little sister.

Then there's my baby.  My baby is growing every day and will be two TOMORROW.  She is talking more and more and says almost anything we tell her to say.  Yep, you have to be careful there.  If someone coughs or sneezes, she says "okay Mommy?".  Yesterday she sneezed and said, "Okay me?"  to herself.  It was adorable.  At the moment, I wanted to freeze time.  Right at this age.  I forgot how amazing this age can be...tantrums and all. 

But truth is, you can't freeze time.  You can't even slow it down.

I think the best thing we can do is recognize how fast time flies.  Recognize it and accept it.  Then make sure we enjoy every moment we are given.

Even the moments when the kids are fighting and one has a bloody nose.  And when you don't have a clue what to make for dinner so you serve cereal with a side of cheese puffs.  Then add a banana for good measure.  Even the moments when there are toys all over your house, dishes are piled in the sink, and you haven't showered in over 48 hours.

And even the moments when you are out of wine.

Because the liquor store is open late and you can send your husband after the kids are in bed. 

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  1. I love this Katie! So perfectly put, every word! OHMYWORD i am with you on the 2yr old- i am re-learning how sweet and crazy it is every day:) Our 2yr olds are almost exactly a month apart! Mine is 12/22 :) Happy Birthday to your little girl!

  2. Hi there Katie! I found your blog through the Top 25 Funny Moms contest on Circle of Moms and started browsing. :) I love this. I always say it's such a ripoff ... us girls live our whole lives picturing being pregnant and having a newborn, then it happens, and then it's OVER. Just. Like. That. No one can explain just how quickly that stage that you've been waiting your entire life for just flies by! Great blog. I think I shall run off and add you to my reading list now. :) Do come visit me if you get a chance.


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