Tuesday, July 5, 2011

WTF is up with some of these children's TV shows?

Every night as my daughter watches Dora the Explorer, dozens of questions race through my head. The same thing happens with countless other television programs that I have had the extreme pleasure of watching over the years. Here I will discuss some of them and the many questions that I have...

1. Dora the Explorer- Why is this young girl able to go on these adventures completely unsupervised? Oh, that's right, she has her pet monkey, Boots, along for the ride. Really? Her parents think that this is safe? And why do all her adventures only involve 3 landmarks? All she has to do is repeat, with the help of her trusty map, the 3 landmarks over and over and over...and she gets to her destination. I just don't get it.

2. Go, Diego, Go- We can not forget Diego either. So apparently he is a wildlife rescuer with a pet baby jaguar. How is that acceptable? He interacts with animals in almost every episode that would probably fatally injure him in reality. Are children supposed to think that it is okay to approach a puma, monkey, alligator, etc. if they encounter them in the wild?

3. Max and Ruby- So we have all heard the "Where are Max and Ruby's parents?" question before. I have accepted that I may never know that answer. That is fine. I would like to know a little more about them though. For instance, is the grandmother the primary caregiver? If so, why does she live down the street? How old is Ruby supposed to be? If she is old enough to babysit for her brother while unsupervised, I think she needs to get a grip and stop playing with all of her damn dolls then. And why is it that Max only says one word each episode? That is just annoying. Ruby needs to stop babying him and being an enabler.

4. Handy Manny- Both my husband and I have a major problem with this show. Why is it that Manny gets all the credit for doing little to no work? Let's be honest, the tools do it all. Speaking of the tools...in some episodes they eat. How does that happen? Please someone, explain it to me.

5. Calliou- My questions regarding Calliou are plentiful. First, I understand being original, but what is that name? Also, why is he bald? There is not even one strand of hair on his head. If he was supposed to have some medical condition then that is fine, but the creator should make viewers aware of that so we can at least have a heads up. That way we could explain it to our children if necessary. Finally, can that kid be any more annoying and whiny? I do not allow my children to watch this for that very reason. Each episode consists of his constant complaining.

6. Thomas and Friends- I get the whole train thing and the fact that the trains are "alive". What I do not get is why they have to make the creepiest facial expressions. It is plain scary...and sometimes those trains are awfully mean to each other.

7. Wonder Pets- Man, these "classroom" pets are something else! My first question is how does Tuck get from the water in his little turtle aquarium thing to the water in the sink? I just don't get how that happens. Then, how do they make an actual working boat that flies across the sky with toy parts, scraps, and 2 highlighter caps? Finally, do they ever want something different than celery? It is the same snack every episode. I would think that might get old...but maybe not to a turtle, guinea pig, and duck.

8. Make Way for Noddy- This lovely little gem on Sprout is chock full of goodness. First of all, Noddy is far from the sharpest tool in the shed...I don't know how he lives alone and survives. And what is up with his friends? There is the bear with only a shirt on, a creepy talking doll, and those 2 troublemakers that might cause nightmares in children under the age of 3, just to name a few. My first daughter watched this show...needless to say we will not repeat that mistake with the other two.

9. The Fresh Beat Band- How old are these "kids" supposed to be? Is their "music school" part of highschool or college? And if it is highschool, why do they all live together? Also, they must get on each other's nerves at some point. Why do they always have to be so freakin' happy? I found one person's take on it and thought it was funny. I will share it with you:
"...the generic misadventures and bland pop stylings of Kiki, Marina, Twist, and Shout are what all entertainment will resemble if Mitt Romney is elected president." (no offense if you are a Romney supporter)

Please feel free to share some of your questions regarding these or other television programs. I would love to know that I am not alone every night when watching these shows in complete bewilderment.


  1. I cannot stand that Caillou is so whiny and bald. And why is his head so big?
    I, too, often wonder why Max and Ruby do everything without adults. Grandma or a scout leader occasionally make appearances, but in one episode they are reading a bus schedule to go visit one of Ruby's friends. Seriously?
    And why does Nina from the Good Night Show on Sprout always look like she was out partying the night before?

  2. Ohmygoodnessgracious, I know. The thing is, my son LOVES Caillou. Loves him. I have no clue why the sucker's bald. You make some great points about these crazy shows!

    1. I will NEVER understand why kids like that show!!! UGH! And I am so glad that I found you guys at Finding the Funny too:) I have read such great stuff and found awesome bloggers from checking it out!!


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