Saturday, July 16, 2011

More Children's TV show madness...

This is a continuation of my post from the other day, "WTF is up with some of these children's TV shows?".  If you have not read it, make sure you do before or after reading this.

There are oh, so many children's shows that boggle my mind.  I have already touched on many of them but I realized that I have only scratched the surface.  Here are some other little doozies that have me asking, ''What the hell is going on here?" on an almost daily basis. (I will continue where I left off with #10).

10.  Ni Hao Kai-lan
So this girl is supposed to be Chinese, right?  However, her eyes are shaped in perfect circles.  That is just not a realistic representation.  Please do not take this as a stereotype or being racially offensive.  I just want it to be more realistic or accurate.  That's all.  Also, her head is about 3 times the size of her body.  It is creepy.  And this is another show with only a grandparent present.  There is no other supervision while she plays with her friends which happen to got it, strange animals.  Her friends are almost as whiny as Caillou and every thing is a big issue with one being mad or upset in each episode.  Needless to say, I was less than thrilled when my daughter expressed her wishes to have a Kai-lan themed 3rd birthday party.  The only thing that gets me through is the variety of food, decorations, and activities we can have.

11.  Blue's Clues
Let's start with Steve.  He was the original "owner" of Blue who lived alone with his dog and other random objects that happened to be alive.  These friends included Salt and Pepper...who had a baby, Paprika(WTF?), shovel and pail, and mailbox, to name a few.  Steve was a grown man with very little interaction with the outside world.  Then Steve left for college (although he was easily in his mid 30s) and was replaced by his "cousin" Joe.  Please don't get me wrong...I am all for furthering your education but they made it seem like Steve was off to go live on a college campus somewhere.  And as for Joe, does that really happen? When one man goes to college, another man basically assumes his identity and lives his day to day life as if he was that person.  It's all odd.  I found it very interesting to learn that Steve is actually a musician and that he was once named one of People magazine's most eligible bachelors...

I will now take a little bit of time to discuss Nick Jr.'s fabulous late night programming.  If you have ever been channel surfing and come across Nick Jr. after 11pm, I am sure you were as intrigued as I was.

12.  The Upside Down Show
This show is based on the trials and tribulations of 2 Australian (I believe that they are from Australia) brothers who live in a strange (to say the least) house.  In every episode they must find some room or destination and they have all of these crazy wrong turns along the way until they find it...which happens after 3 wrong turns and some kid helping them out.  It is freakin' weird and I don't get it at all. period.  If you ever happen to catch a glimpse of this one, I am sure you will feel the same.

13.  Oobi
Oobi has to take the cake for the most bizarre children's show.  It is a bunch of hands that talk (with the thumb mimicking the bottom lip).  They all refer to themselves in the 3rd person, like "Oobi, friends, Uma".  This basically means that Oobi is friends with Uma.  I am not sure about other parents, but I think it is GREAT to teach your child to speak in simple sentences with very limited vocabulary and to refer to themselves in the 3rd person...again, WTF?  I discovered that this was the first show to air on Nick Jr.  How the channel survived after that is beyond me...
It now airs at midnight. It appears that poor Oobi got the shaft.

Finally, one of my daughter's faves...
14.  Bubble Guppies
This is actually a cute show with really catchy songs.  I just don't get the whole guppy thing.  They all live underwater but there are other non-marine animals on the show as well.  To make it legit, it seems like the creators simply put fish tails on all of the animals.  For example, there is an episode where a cow has a baby.  The cow, and its offspring, both have cow bodies with no front legs and fish tails.  It is pretty frightening...
Mr. Grouper is the teacher of the bubble guppies, but to me he seems a little too involved in all of their lives and he is basically the father figure of the show.  In one episode he lets them get a "bubble puppy".  If one of my children's teachers let them get a dog,  I am pretty sure that I would not appreciate it.

Please share with me if you have any other "favorite" children's shows! This list will always be a work in progress.

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