Thursday, March 1, 2012

My Old Black Boots

I keep finding 2 different pairs my black knee high boots around the house.  Yesterday they were in the upstairs hallway.  Today they were out on the sun porch.

My 6 year old likes to put them on and play school.  She pretends she is the teacher and (not so nicely) makes her little sister be the student.  I think she likes them because when she zips them up they actually stay on her feet.  I really hope that's why she likes them.

I have a few questions/concerns regarding these boots:

Why does she always choose these when playing school? 
Does she think that this is what all teachers wear?  I was a teacher and I did wear them sometimes.  But I have plenty of other shoes that she could choose from that would be more "sensible teacher shoes".

Should I be concerned that she is drawn to this particular style of shoe?
I mean, the one pair are some serious whorish (is that a word?) boots.  The have an excessively pointy toe and very thin, high heels.  I bought them years ago and have worn them maybe a handful of times.  And when I did wear them, I wore them under a pair of jeans because I didn't have the balls to wear them with a dress or skirt.  The other pair is acceptable...they have a boxy toe shape and the heels are not too high. 

Are these boots still even in style? 
I don't get out much and I really don't wear knee high black boots with a 3 inch heel around the house.  I know riding boots are in..and I REALLY want a pair of them.  But I am not so sure about the ones I just found.  I forgot that I even had this particular pair.  And now I am wishing that I could forget about them.  I could donate them.  But then I ask, why do we donate things that are not in style or old or just plain ugly? 

But should I be wearing higher heels?
Maybe I should wear higher heels.  This would add a little to my height and then I might be able to convince myself and my Weight Watchers leader that I am 5'7" instead of 5'4".  That way I could pick a higher weight as my goal and I would move out of  the OVERWEIGHT category.  But the overweight category is fine for me right now...when I started WW, I was in the OBESE category.  Are they f-ing kidding me with that?  Apparently they were not.  I was obese for my height and weight.  Whatever. (More about that coming soon...I know you can hardly wait).
BUT if I had a few inches on me (via the high heeled whore boots), I could reach an acceptable goal weight all that much sooner.  That would be fantastic.

Man, I can tell you that I didn't expect an old pair of black boots to bring out so many questions and uncertainties inside of me.  Who would have thought?

But I think I will be getting rid of these boots today.  The sooner the better.

Reason #1 to ditch the boots...

And if that wasn't enough....reason #2 

And please say it ain't this chick REALLY reproducing?


  1. Oh to funny. I used to have a pair of knee high boots long ago. We called the F--K Me Boots back in the day. Oh and let me know what they say at WW if you wear the heels. By the time I get down to the 145 which is the high end for 5'4" I will be dead.

    1. Well I was supposed to weigh in tonight but I decided to crack down this week (same thing I said last week) and go next thursday. But I'm going to try the heels. I'll let you know:)

  2. I heart your blog, therefore I nominated it for one of those blog award thingies. Keep making me laugh.

    1. Thanks!!! so now do I have to write the 7 random things about me post? Also, are you on facebook? I LOVE your blog too!

    2. Girl, no. You don't have to do It. You just did a post telling about yourself. I just had to nominate you cause you're worthy! I have a love hate relationship with FB. I hate it right now so my acct is deactivated at the moment. But it'll suck me back in eventually. I'm trying out the Twitter thing for now.

    3. Ok, well I just put a pic of the award you gave me on my blog and put a little link back to you! I hope people see and and then check you out :)

  3. Just be thankful your child is a girl!, my dear son has been known to strut around the house in my boots!

    1. TOO funny! Well I only have girls, but if I did have a son I would let him work those boots. LOL!

  4. How funny!My five year old always goes straight to my black boots when playing dress up.


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