Friday, March 2, 2012

Words of Encouragement

Every month my first grader gets recognized for her outstanding behavior at school.  She gets to dress down and wear a themed item such as a necklace or headband (that we are supposed to create...always a joy to be throwing some crap together the night before because I am an eternal procrastinator).

She also has to color a little picture that gets displayed in the hallway.  On the back of this picture, we are supposed to write a note of encouragement for her to keep up the good work.

Now before I go on, I want to say that she is awesome at school.  She would never, ever in her wildest dreams talk back to the teacher, be disrespectful, or do anything to break or even slightly bend the rules.  That is just how she is.  She is like this with EVERYONE.  Everyone but me.  She apparently has no problem at all talking back to me or going against anything and everything that I ask her to do. 

So tonight I was sitting here looking at her colorful, carefully completed shamrock picture that she is turning in tomorrow for her outstanding behavior during the month of February.  I had to write a note on the back.  This was immediately after she gave me a hard time for not letting her watch any of American Idol (her fave) and turned brushing her teeth into a 10 minute long fiasco complete with gagging and complaining.  I was DONE.

Here is what I wrote:
We are so proud of you!  You are doing such a great job in first grade.  Keep up the good work! We love you:) Love, Mommy and Daddy

Here is what I wanted to write:
I am so glad that once again you had outstanding behavior at school!  Too bad you berate me, defy me, and whine all day long with me.  Well, at least you know not to do it at maybe I did something right.  I guess I will continue to pretend that I am going to call your teacher every time you are acting up and give empty threats with no intention of following through.  Love always, Mommy

If this is how 6 is...what will 16 be like? Lord, give me strength!


  1. I have four children, and my 13 year old has always been my strongest. This post is sooooooo me! She is the poster child for well liked, great student, over achiever, straight A's, awards, and phone calls from teachers to tell me what a great child I have, and how proud I should be.

    At home.....with me......a different story! The only positive way to look at it, is this. If she is so head strong, and argumentative now, then maybe it is a sign of what a strong willed woman she will be. And all of the arguing?? Well maybe it means she will be a lawyer. A lawyer who doesn't let anyone push her around. ( this way of thinking sometimes help me stay sane with her)

    So funny, because I used to tell my daughter the SAME EXACT threat you give your daughter.
    " Do you want me to call Mrs. Whatever? Tell her how you are behaving?"
    God forbid she ever disappointed her teachers.

    Such a relatable post! I feel ya ;)

    1. I KNOW!! And my daughter's teacher will say how quiet she is in school and then if I say she is not like that at home, she is like "I can't even imagine!".
      HMMH, I like the lawyer thing, maybe I will look at the arguing that way too. She's preparing for her future:)


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