Sunday, June 17, 2012

Best Father's Day Ever?

I kept thinking that I should do a post about Father's Day today. 

About an hour ago, I said to my husband, "I really should have done a Father's Day post."
"About what?" 
"Well, about Father's Day I guess." 

As you know, I have three daughters.  They range in age from almost 17 months old to 7 years old.  There are certain things that having daughters does to a person, especially to dads of daughters.  So for my Father's Day post, I am going to list some things that I love about the kind of dad my husband is to our three girls...

1.  He knows the name of every Disney princess, the movies they are in, the color of their dresses, most of their storyline and the soundtracks to the movies.

2.  He is a sports nut and has no problem getting the girls shirts for all of his favorite teams (especially Notre Dame football) pink.

3.  And because he is a sports nut, the girls love watching sports with him (maybe because he gives them snacks and lets them drink soda, but they like it nonetheless).

4.  He is hands on.  He gives baths, plays with the girls, reads to them, gives horsey rides, listens to Taylor Swift until his ears bleed...enough said.

5.  He is super overprotective.  For example, he won't allow them to wear 2 piece bathing suits, he very begrudgingly let my oldest get her ears pierced at almost 7 years old after a year of begging and pleading, and he already cringes at the thought of boys. 

6.  Finally, he was truly excited each time I was pregnant and we found out we were having a girl.  I was the one who was more like, "another girl?"  Not him, AT ALL.  He was just happy.  He said, "WOW, I am going to have the best Father's Days EVER!" 

So I am hoping today was the best day ever...and that he has many more!


  1. Daddies and daughters. There's magic there, for sure.

  2. Hold on tight Darling... he's a keeper for sure! Your girls are so very lucky to have a Daddy that will always be their hero. Look out future Hubbys... lol xoxo


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