Saturday, June 9, 2012

A Business Card? What do you think?

I was thinking I might need to get a business card.  Why?  Well, I have no clue, but I really want one.  Here is was mine would look like:

Mom Blogger.  A mom with a blog.

Likes free samples/products.  So technically a PR friendly blog.
To send free crap, email Katie at

Specializing in:
Bitching and Complaining                                                                                                         Mom of 3
Laughing so you don't cry                                                                                                         Frazzled
Unsuccessful Dieting                                                                                                                Exhausted

So what do you think?  Should I get these bad boys printed ASAP?


  1. Heck yes! In fact, you should make a business of ordering those for all of us! Hilarious!
    Now I want some too.

  2. Hi! I just joined TGIF Blog Hop and followed you via facebook like. Hope to read more of your posts in the future! :)

  3. Why not? In any case it would be a great conversation starter!

    1. A business card is important thing for the improvement of business. You have to use it as a perfect marketing tool. You can provide an information about your business on that card.


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