Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Do other adults live like this?

I posted a picture on my facebook page yesterday about "how to do your laundry".  It basically said to live out of your laundry basket all week instead of actually putting it away.  Do you do this?  Because I do.  Not all the time.  But trust me, it happens.  Often.

Some days I look around my house and think "do other adults live like this?"

I know, I know.  I have 3 kids and a home daycare.  Of course my house is a mess.  But there are times that I just feel like I can't get a handle on it.  Well, most days I can't get a handle on it.

We have TOO MUCH STUFF and not enough space.  End of story

But I need to know?  I need reassurance. 

Do you live like this? 

Is your bathroom littered with toys, crusty toothpaste on the sink, shreds of toilet paper on the floor, stickers on the wall?  Because mine is.

Is your dining room table filled with school papers, toys from goody bags from the 3 birthday parties we attended over the weekend, random crumbs of food, and dried up yogurt?  Because mine is.

Is your bedroom filled with books and stuffed animals that your told your kids to leave in their OWN ROOM and threatened to throw out if they didn't listen but there they lie anyway, not one but two laundry baskets filled with clean clothes that you can't find that time to put away, or your own clothes stacked up on your dresser (folded, yes, but not put away)?  Because mine is.

Is your kitchen a messy, cluttered mess with always at least a few dishes in the sink, half eaten packs of crackers on the counter, and mystery containers in the fridge of who the hell knows what (along with a half empty bottle of wine)?  Because mine is.

Don't even get me started on the rest of the house.  There are toys everywhere.  Some broken and some that are never even played with at all.  Books in every part of the house...most with missing or torn pages.  Shoes.  Oh good God, the shoes.  We are drowning in piles of shoes.  Just this weekend, I went to Target (I know...shocking) and got a bin to place at the back door so the kids could put their shoes in it.  It is already full but the shoes remain on the steps, under the sofa, under the dining room table.

Please people, tell me that other adults live like this.  Because sometimes I feel like a kid just playing house...and that I am not doing a good job at it.

And if you do live like this, know that you are NOT alone.  You are awesome.  You are just trying to live life to the fullest and don't give a crap about a clean house.  Right?  RIGHT? 

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  1. Yes, yes and yes!! My children's rooms often look like a bomb went off, and I mostly refuse to help because .. well, I just don't want to do it! I usually have two days of dishes in the sink. I'll wait more than a week to vacuum. I'll live out of laundry baskets and even without sheets on the bed sometimes. The dogs are always dragging toilet paper or whatever else they can get out of trash cans and stringing it across the floor. The American Girl collection is spread across the living room with all the accessories. Sigh. I can never catch up. One day, I will miss the mess.

  2. Yes! Now, I keep the main part of the house picked up. Bedrooms and the garage is a whole other ballgame. We also have too much stuff. My garage and the full sized air hockey table in it have become the dumping ground for all of the leftover crap we have. I hate it. And the bedrooms. I have given up on the kids having a clean bedroom. My room isn't super messy, just nothing special. Loads of laundry are piled on the floor at any given minute. My closet is a disaster. Know it is just not you!! :) (I agree with the above comment...one day we will miss the mess) @sunshinemommy

  3. Hey, I raised 4 kids in a 2 bedroom 1 bath house the size of a barbie home, so yeah, I do know a little something about clutter and mess. I WISH my daughter ( a teenager at the time) would have lived out of a laundry basket--she preferred to dump the clean clothes in the center of the room floor and just pick out of it daily to find something to wear. The other thing that drove me crazy was NO ONE ever flushed the toilet in the ONE bathroom we shared. I don't need to see what you ate last night in the toilet!!! Fortunately, those days are gone now..my kids are grown and all but one now living on their own. Peace (and a certain degree of cleanliness) has been restored to the kingdom! You see, there is a light at the end of the tunnel (or at the bottom of your laundry basket). Found you on the hop and am following you via GFC.

  4. Oh YES!! I feel guilty all the time that I don't put the laundry away since I stay home with our daughter who is six months old. I try to get it all done but I just don't. It never fails that when I do have the motivation then the baby is teething, cranky or just prevents me from getting anything done. Vicious cycle.

  5. Ok what the hell were you doing in my house???? This is the best description of my house EVER. You left out the piles of dog hair and cat hair everywhere but you nailed the rest. If you walk into my kitchen you will see the pantry open, the trash full, piles of clutter on the counter, cereal bowls in the sink and crumbs on the counter. As you step over the pile of shoes to get into the morning room, you will see the table with the bag of croutons from the salad we ate 3 nights ago, right next to the napkin holder that is empty because all 3 clean napkins have fallen onto the table and not been put back.

    You get the idea. You're living in MY HOUSE, Katie!!


    ps...We DO flush, they learned that one at an early age. No flushing = one pissed off mom.

  6. I have been struggling to put away clothes from the laundry basket for over 2 weeks now and since the hamper is overflowing, we may have a shortage of clothes in the closet pretty soon!!!! :(

  7. Thank you for this! Our clothes remain on the top of the washer and dryer for weeks...not to mention the fact that I don't know the last time that I actually mopped my floor and I mean really mopped it not just cleaning up the random spills that happen every day! Plus, I work from home so I just sit and stare at the mess around me all day while I type away at the computer wishing that some magic fairy would come and get my life in order for me :)

  8. Kate, I looked through 3 laundry baskets today (all filled with clean laundry) for long sleeve uniform shirts for my kids. Cursing all the while. I slipped on two completed puzzles upon entry into the room and lodged a Lego arm into my foot moving from one basket to another. So, yes, I feel your pain. Literally.

  9. I think we can all relate to this.

    I mean, I'm THRILLED my son loves reading so much (he's two, so "reading" is some wishful thinking), but my living room looks like a library exploded inside it.


  10. Yes, yes, and YES!! Have you read my blog lately?? Been on Facebook? All I do is complain about my shit hole, I mean, my home.

  11. Umm, yeah. I have been thinking I'm going crazy lately because all of the stuff just keeps piling up at my house. Despite my best efforts to implement Saturday as chore day at our house, no one seems to get it. Totally not catching on, and I am still chasing everyone all over the house telling them to clean up their shit!


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